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HOW MUCH SLEEP DOES A STUDENT need to get all - the great life's benefits, all of whom have been discussion for a very long time. Sleep liberates our mind and our body from restlessness.

To enumerate, say, from a spiritual perspective - many sufis and mystics used to have a little sleep before or after midnight and then spend a large portion of the night in prayer or mediation. This was also a practice of  the Holy Prophet [PBUH], as mentioned in the Quran [Surha 73].

In Islam, sleep is considered as one of the signs of the greatness of Allah. It is mentioned in the Quran very frequently. For example, a well known verse says, ''And among His signs is your sleep by night and by day and your seeking of His bounty, verily in that are  signs for those who hearken'' [ 30 : 23].

JUST LIKE EATING AND DRINKING-  sleep is also a fundamental requirement of every human being. Without sleep no individual can survive long.

Every individual spends at least one third of his or her life sleeping. A sound sleep plays an important role in an individual's health and success in life

Allah says ''And [we] have made your sleep [as a thing] for rest. And have made the night as a covering. And have made the day for ''livelihood'' [78:9.11]. This clarifies that nightly sleep is meant for rest which includes physical, mental and emotional rest. 

What is sleep? It is a period of long relaxation when an individual, after doing day long tiresome work and on the approaching of night, finds himself involuntarily plunged into the state of sleep - a state of unconsciousness, wherein the waking senses are obscured.

The body lies inert upon the bed, whether of luxurious down or humble straw, with eyes fast shut, the limbs utterly motionless and only the involuntary bodily functions, such as those of the heart, digestions and the lungs, continuing to be active.

One's life force appears to be reduced to a very low ebb. One may address a question to the sleeper and receive no reply. In the condition of sleep, he does not know anyone, nor is he aware of any visitor nor can he understand any one's question.

He may be approached with a dangerous weapon and one might seek to injure or even slay him, but still he is unable to respond to the threat and save himself from the impending assault.

Modern scientific research also indicates that sleep is an essential element for growth, development and survival, at any stage of life.

Especially the nightly sleep powers the mind, pacifies the emotions, restores the body and  fortifies virtually every system in the body. Sleep makes the human body refreshed, energised and robust. Nature repairs our bodily tissues  and wastage at night when the person is fast asleep.

A good night's sleep is also linked to an active and successful life. During sleep, the body goes into a restful state and acquires natural energy.

Sleep liberates our mind and our body from their state of restlessness, gives peace and tranquility and provides us with a renewed life force. Thus a good sleep plays an important role in an individual's  physical and mental health.

Insufficient or poor sleep can worsen memory or make one less productive at work while quality sleep makes one fit and able. It is a beautiful gift of nature when every person after daylong activities gets sound sleep.

And to sum, remember, that sleep suffers due to a number of reasons such as over-involvement in world affairs, and excessive ambitions in various spheres of life. Similarly, overeating and other worrisome situations are problems that affect our sleep; these should be addressed

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