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THERE is just no way, I assure you all, that any evil can get away. As from every nook and corner of the world, the people stand up and tall to pay the Students of the world and the Founder Framers a standing ovation.

IF YOU THINK IT'S ALL AN ELABORATE HOAX............ BEST, very best think, yet again.  Psychologists the world over try their very best to learn who is most likely to cling to illogical views of reality.

More than one in three Americans believe that the Chinese government engineered the coronavirus as a weapon, and another third are convinced that the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has exaggerated the threat of Covid-19 to undermine President Trump.

Scholars have identified conspiracy beliefs and paranoia as central elements in political movements. BUT, but on The World Students Society, despite vigorous and rigorous debates, we believe in such thing.

ASSAILED ON MANY FRONTS, Airbnb adapts to survive.

IN AUGUST - AIRBNB ANNOUNCED a global ban on party houses, defined as those that persistently generate complaints from neighbors.

The company says 73 percent of listings already ban parties, though hosts often allow small gatherings like baby showers and birthday parties. Occupancy is now limited to 16 people.

''The issue with Airbnb party houses is enforcement,'' Mr. Binzer said. ''It's a little having the fox watch the hen house.''


Four years before George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis, igniting this summer's protests for social justice, the emergence of the hashtag #Airbnb-WhileBlack called attention to a spate of racist incidents that users said happened with rental homes.

Some Black renters were reported by neighbors as thieves. Others were subject to abuse by racist hosts rejecting their bookings. Complaints by Muslims, transgender and other groups followed.

Airbnb worked to purge discrimination from its platform by hiding guest's profile pictures until a booking was confirmed; hiring anti-discrimination specialists to audit the platform; and creating a reporting channel to identify listings not complying with its nondiscrimination policy.

The company said it has removed 1.3 million offenders.

This month, Airbnb plans to introduce Project Lighthouse, a research initiative in the United States that aims to to measure bias through perception based on names and photos. The goal is to determine where and when bias happens on the platform, from booking through reviews.

According to the company, the study has been in the works for two years in partnership with the racial justice organization Color of Change, with input from several social justice organizations, including Asian Americans Advancing Justice and the National Association for the  Advancement of Colored People.

The tech focus - on the platform rather in - person experience - won't address incidents of in-person bias, through its existing Open Doors policy, Airbnb offers to find guests an alternative place to stay if they feel they have been discriminated against by a host.

''In a departure from its peers in Big Tech who pass of structural problems on the behavior of individual users, with Project Lighthouse, Airbnb is attempting to take responsibility for how tech platforms create the opportunity for harm at scale.'' wrote Jade Magnus Ogunnaike, senior campaigns director at the social justice group Color of Change, in an email.


Airbnb doesn't just  rent lodgings. Through its Airbnb Experiences branch, it offers classes with an indigenous cook in Mexico City, music and cultural tour of Havana with a D.J. and walks among penguins with a conservationist in South Africa.

During the pandemic, many of its Experiences went virtual. Now, via Zoom, armchair travelers can visit an animal rescue farm in Connecticut and sit on a songwriting session in Nashville.

After Airbnb's layoffs, many wondered whether Airbnb Experiences, long rumored to be losing money to be shelved.

In January, it had 50,000 Experiences in 1,000 cities. During the pandemic, the division was shot down, and later transitioned, with a fraction of its listings, to online offerings.

Today, it has 700 virtual Experiences generating $2 million in bookings over the past five months. In-person Experiences have resumed in more than 70 countries with restrictions on group sizes, though the company declined to say how many Experiences were available in person and how much money they are making.

''Experiences was hit hard by social distancing,'' Mr. Chesky said, maintaining that the online transition has been successful. ''In a world where there's not a lot of things to do,'' he said, ''we think there's a window for Airbnb Experiences.''

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