Headline, October 03 2020/ THE WORLD : ''' THA'IS -'' WOMEN ''- TREMOR '''


''' THA'IS -'' WOMEN ''- TREMOR '''

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With Almighty God's blessings. It's a phenomenon happening not just in Thailand. In Proud Pakistan and Great India, women are leading. In Belarus, hundreds of women were arrested this month while marching in Minsk. And in the United States, women and girls are often at the forefront of Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality.

ON A PROTEST STAGE IN FRONT OF THE Grand Palace last Saturday night, Ms. Chumapra, the co-founder of Women for Freedom and Democracy, raised an issue that -

That is rarely discussed in a country where criticism of the king can earn people up to 45 years in prison. The king was not home because he spends most of his time in Germany. 'We ask you to add one more point,'' Ms. Chumaporn said, to cheers from the crowd. ''That is to destroy the male superiority structure under the monarchy.''

Sirin Mungchareon, a student leader at Chulalonghorn University in Bangkok, said she had tried to promote feminism along with L.G.B.T.Q. rights, as integral to democracy. When she did, some male activists who had been fighting alongside her began mocking her. she.

''They could not see that one person could work on the issue of democracy and women's rights at the same time. ''That society is still very patriarchal.''

As tens of thousands of people have gathered for a series of pro-democracy protests in Thailand in recent weeks, their ranks have been dominated by an emerging political force : young women.

Many of the earliest and most vocal organizers of the rallies have been  female students. At recent protests, women appeared to make up the majority of participants, too.

While the demonstrations are aimed at urging Thailand's old guard to embrace new ideas, they have also addressed concerns that make it to the national stage. Many of them are specific to women, including abortion, taxes on menstrual products and school rules that force girls to conform to an outdated version of femininity.

Most of all, women are increasingly speaking out against a patriarchy that has long controlled the military, the monarchy and the Buddhist monkhood, Thailand's most powerful institutions. They have joined a broader range of voices calling for greater say in a country where democracy has been in retreat, though the challenge for women remain steep even within the protest movement.

''The monarchy and the military have all the power in Thailand,'' said Panasaya Sithijarawattanakul, one of a core of female students who have galvanized the political opposition. ''I shouldn't be afraid to say that men have almost all the power in Thailand.''

The protests are rooted in resistance to the military, which most recently carried out a coup in 2014. The generals who led the putsch said that protecting the palace from critics was one of the major reasons for doing so.

The government's stance on women's issues in particular has galvanized some activists. Prime Minister Prayuth Chanocha, the coup leader, who retained his position after disputed elections last year, has dismissed the idea of gender parity, even though he serves as the head of a national committee dedicated to the ideal.

''Everyone says that we have to create justice, women and men have equal rights,'' he said during a speech on vocational training in 2016. ''Thai society will deteriorate if you think this way.''

Mr. Prayuth, a retired general said that women had authority over the home, ''Outside the house, we are big,'' he added, of men. ''At work, we have the power''.

Such notions have irked women.

''The male supremacy society has been growing since the coup,'' said Chumaporn Taaengkilang, a co-founder of Women for Freedom and Democracy, a political alliance that has helped spearhead the anti-government rallies in Bangkok.

That needs to change, Ms. Chumaporn added.

''Women are not taking the backseat,'' she said. ''They are the front line.''

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