Ayushmann Khurrana, UNICEF's latest Celebrity Advocate for their global campaign EVAC [Ending Violence Against Children], is committed to raising awareness about violence and child abuse.

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Khurrana stated that he feels violence against children is ''unacceptable'' and that he will be using his influence as much as he can to stop it.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau [2018] every hour, five cases of child sexual abuse are reported in India.

In the same stride, the Bala actor said, ''As a UNICEF celebrity advocate, my role is to further children's rights and to support UNICEF in advocating for these rights using my voice and my influence.

One of the major issues I am supporting is ending violence against children, to advocate that it is unacceptable, and it is preventable,'' he added.

Khurrana also pointed out that violence against children is ''pervasive,'' yet, still a taboo discussion.

''How often do we hear about it being reported or discussed? I will be drawing attention to this issue, making violence against children visible. We need more and more people acknowledging that it happens, taking steps to end it as well as to report it,'' he said.

The Anadhadhun star also took the opportunity to condemn the horrific Hathras and Balrampur gang rape incidents, calling them  ''barbaric and inhumane.''

He said, ''Shocked, shattered and devastated. After Hathras, now another gang rape and murder at Balrampur! It's barbaric, inhuman and calls for the most severe punishment to the guilty.''

'' When will this stop?'' Khurrana continued. ''We are failing every single day to protect the women of our country. We have to do more than just protecting women. We have to raise better sons!''

The World Students Society thanks News desk, The Express Tribune.


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