Rawalpindi/Pakistan : Video of girls being thrashed leads to police action :

The police have arrested the teacher of the tuition academy who inhumanly beat two girls for not memorising lessons.

Muhammed Abu Bakar has been arrested by the police after his video went viral on the digital and social media on Wednesday.

The suspect runs a tuition academy named named Reformer Foundation which is situated in Khansama neighborhood.

Rawalpindi Regional Police Officer [RPO] Imran Ahmer had taken notice of the incident as the video went viral. He ordered strict action against the teacher.

Later, Zulfiqar, the father of the victims, Aisha Zulfiqar, 12, and Laiba Zulfiqar, 7, had lodged a complaint with the police. He told that his elder and younger daughter were students of class two and one respectively.

The complainant said that his daughters studied in Abu Bakar's tuition academy. However, for the past two or three days, they were unwilling to go there.

When the father asked his daughters the reason behind it, they told him that their tortured and humiliated them on September 12. Later, the complainant came to know that the video of his daughters being thrashed was recorded too and it had gone viral on the Internet.

The World Students Society thanks The Express Tribune.


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