MANCHESTER : Rashford forms task force with food brands. Manchester United striker outlines plans to help tackle hunger among children in Britain.

Marcus Rashford has formed a taskforce with some major food brands to help tackle hunger among children, the Manchester United and England forward said on Tuesday.

Rashford had earned widespread praise after the 22-year old successfully campaigned for school food vouchers to be provided over the summer holidays in Britain, revealing that  he had relied on such support as a boy.

Announcing the child food poverty group that includes Aldi, Asda, Tesco, Deliveroo, Sanisbury's and Kellogg's among others, Rashford wrote an open letter to parliament endorsing three policy recommendations of the National Food Strategy.

The points include the expansion of free school meals to children whose families are on universal credit, expansion of holiday provision to all children on free school meals, and increasing the value of  Healthy start vouchers.

''I feel like at times people think they are being looked down on  if they they ask for help, and I think in this generation..........that is something that should change,'' Rashford told the BBC.

''You should feel free if you want to ask for help........... hold your head up high and, if you need help, go and get help.

''.......we had to think about the best way to do it, to think about how these families can eat long term and not have issues. We wanted to do it the best way..........introduce the best people into our group, and see if using them [we] can push it even more.''

Rashford has also helped to raise around 20 million pounds [$26.9 million] with charity Fareshare UK to supply meals to struggling families during the Covid-19 pandemic. [Reuters]


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