BOLLYWOOD star, actor Kangana Ranaut recently became active on Twitter once again, via an account that was previously handled by her social media team.

The Simon star uploaded a video sharing the reason as to why she has decided to return to Twitter.

Ranaut said she saw the power of social media during the campaign for Sushant Singh Rajput and decided to voice her opinion on the matter. Apart from that, she also claimed people also took advantage of her absence from social media.

While the Queen actor has been sharing her point of view actively on Rajput's case, she has also been posting throwback pictures from her earlier career days. However, now that Bollywood actor has noticed that her Twitter followers were decreasing by a large number every day and she's demanding answers.

A Twitter user pointed out that Ranaut's followers were decreasing, to which she replied saying, ''I agree. I notice pattern.............. every day 40-50 thousand followers drop. i am very new to this place but how does this work? Why are they doing this? Any idea?''

She went on to tag the concerned people.

Ranaut added that she was close to reaching a million followers but missed the mark. She said,'' Hmmmm, I see Nationalists have to struggle everywhere, the racket is so strong, I noticed because last night, we were so very close to a million.

Anyway, sincere apologies to all those who are getting unfollows automatically, so unfair but aren't we used to this now?''

Meanwhile, the Tanu Weds Manu, beauty shared her opinions about the drug connection in Bollywood in a recent interview and raised doubts over Rhea Chakraborty's involement in Rajput's suicide after she appeared on various news channels and gave interviews.

The World Students Society thanks News desk : The Express Tribune.


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