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TECHNOLOGY IS A COMPLEX AND DISRUPTIVE FORCE : Blindly pushing technology will not result in better education outcomes. 

In the Developing World, all governments need to prioritize school enrolment, lead a sea change in our beliefs and implement effective policies.  

''One way to do that is to start finding innovative ways to ensure the provision of reliable and affordable Internet as well as laptop-tablet for school age students/children.''

EXPERTS AGREE THAT technological is the predominant factor underlying social and economic change. Economists point out that 80 percent of income difference between rich and poor countries is attributable to technology.

TECHNOLOGY CAN NEVER BE A SUBSTITUTE for priorities, leadership and effective policies. One should never pin too much hope on technology as it is a complex phenomenon with some nations failing to improve their socioeconomic indicators despite allocating massive funds for technological innovation.

Many have questioned the transformative powers of technology. Even when the Industrial Revolution was truly underway, leading economists like Thomas Malthus and David Ricardo did not believe that technology could improve the human condition.

Recently, Robert Gordon has warned against putting too much hope in technology. In THE RISE AND FALL OF AMERICAN GROWTH, he concludes that economic growth cannot go on forever as the rate of technological innovation has been declining since 1970.

Also, the introduction of new technology is often a disruptive - and violent - process, In THE TECHNOLOGY TRAP Carl Benedict Frey rightly points out that many technologies result in job losses, or are ''labour-replacing'' .

Such labour-replacing technologies give rise to violent countervailing forces spearheaded by those who lose their livelihoods. 

For instance, where the Industrial Revolution has now become anonymous with the introduction of new technologies in economic production, the publication of the Communist Manifesto was also a product of that era.

At times, the opposition to new technologies became as violent that it took 12,000 British soldiers to quell the Luddite uprisings of 1811-1816. Lest we forget, some years ago, Pakistani taxi drivers staged violent protests against app-based can services citing jobs and income losses.

Educational institutions in the Developing World have been highlighted as the ideal destination for technological interventions by the champions of technology who argue that it can provide efficient solutions to problems such as shortage of teachers and schools.

The governments would not  need to build any new schools as students would be able to access the best teachers online while 'attending school' from home.

Most importantly perhaps technology can take education to the doorstep of millions and millions of students/children the world over, who are not in school. [In Pakistan alone it is 23 million]. It is easier said than done.

In The Child and State in India, Myron Weinerr systematically showed that leading nations - England, Austria and the US and Japan - prioritized educating children and implemented effective policies to fight and get out of poverty, when per capita income was low, and poverty was truly widespread, and parents would have employed their children had they been permitted to do so.

Weiner understood the beliefs of Indian elites, who thought it was fine to employ poor children, as the key reason behind millions of children not attending school.

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