Islamabad : With physical classes suspended due to the novel coronavirus, [Covid-19], more than 12,000 students have been provided skills training online.
The training was offered by the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission [NAVTTC].
The Commission last Tuesday said that more than 12,000 students had enrolled for the ''free online course'' during the pandemic.
To equip 120 million especially, the out-of-school children with technical skills, NAVTTC Executive Director Dr. Nasir Khan said that they had developed specially designed courses per National Vocational Quality Framework [NVQF]. In this regard, they trained teachers.
''The scope of the courses was being further enhanced to bring in more and more courses for the youth as by July 2020, about 2,000 students had graduated from these online courses,'' said Dr. Nasir.
He added that regular training will resume after institutes are allowed to re-open and resume their suspended training courses.
Referring to some of the initiatives taken by NAVTTC over the last two years, Dr. Nasir said they offered some of the most in-demand skills such as Robotics, cloud-computing, Internet of Things [IOT], cyber security, mechatronics, block-chain etc. [AFP]


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