The final season of the show is currently being filmed :

Spanish-language crime drama Money Heist officially renewed for a fifth and final season on Netflix recently, after the fourth season released back on April 3 with eight fresh new episodes. Following this, the cast and crew returned to the sets as well.

After pictures of Pedro Alonso [alias Berlin] Filming portions of the upcoming series went viral, Ursula Corbero [alias Tokyo] revealed that she would be joining her team members soon as well.

The starlet, on Thursday, took to her Instagram story and started a click with the caption, ''Today, Tokyo is back. Wish me luck!''

Earlier this week, several pictures of Alonso and Patrick Criado emerged on different fan pages over the Internet. It was previously speculated that the latter will play the new villain.

But going by the images, many were left wondering whether Criado is actually a new gang member instead. Alonso also shared a click with his co-star on Instagram, captioning it, ''Monty and Python,'' obvious. Not the past, not the future.''

Alvaro Morte [aka The Professor] had recently confirmed his return to the new season as well.

The internationally popular series follows an unusual group of robbers who, to start, plotted out ''the most perfect robbery in Spanish history ,'' stealing billions from the Royal Mint of Spain.

A second, masterfully executed heist involving the Bank of Spain in Madrid followed, though it did not come without great, personal cost to the professor's team of bandits.

The series creator Alex Pina previously told Entertainment Weekly that Miguel Angel Silvestre will also be joining Money Heist 5.

We saw in the previous season that the gang overpowered Gandfa, But whether he is alive or dead is not confirmed and many are wondering if Silvestre is the new villain. We''ll just have to wait and watch.

''We are moving from a chess game - a mere intellectual strategy - to a war strategy : attack and contention,'' said Pina.

''This new goal raises the stake while keeping the story fresh and maintaining the adrenaline that has always run through Money Heist. The war they've been pushed to start results in the most epic part of all the parts we've shot.''

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