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HOLLYWOOD HAS BEEN UNABLE TO RESTART productions on its own soundstages in California because of surging infections in the state, plodding negotiations with unions and protocols and the time it takes to get test results.

So big movie studios under, pressure to get their production assembly lines running again, have focused on shooting overseas.

The ''Avatar'' sequels are filming again in New Zealand. Sony Pictures has ''Uncharted,'' its adaption    of a popular video game, going in Berlin.

Leading the way is Universal, with ''Jurassic World'' and a 107-page safety manual that details everything from the infrared temperature scanners the cast and crew encounter upon arrival to the vacuum-seated meals provided by masked workers standing behind plastic partitions in the take-out only cafetaria.

Its safety protocols are serving as a model for other studios, showing Marvel, for instance, how to resume shooting ''Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings'' two weeks ago in Australia.

Roughly 250 people are involved in the $200 million production of ''Jurassic World,'' which restarted on July 6, and the set would normally be a hive of activity.

But Universal has divided the production in two categories. The larger one is made up of the departments that don't need access to the set during filming, like construction and props. The more exclusive category, called the Green Zone, includes the director, the cast only essential crew, like camera operators and the sound department.

The result, Ms. Howard said, is comparable to a ''closed set,'' which in prepandemic times was typically used for for physically intimate scenes.

Those working inside the Green Zone receive Covid-19 tests three times a week, and the sets are fogged with an antiviral mist before each use. The chairs that actors sit in between takes are surrounded by orange cones to remind people to remain socially distant.

When there is more lag-time during a day, the cast even retire to a special Green Zone ''living room,''  complete with couches, blankets, lamps and plants. There are numerous sinks, and each time someone leaves or enters the Green Zone, he or she must wash their hands.

The aim is to keep everyone healthy - and thinking less about coronavirus and more about roaming the earth with dinosaurs.

''We are able for this little moment to be in the world that we're creating and leave the rest of the world behind,'' the director, Colin Trevoorrow said in a phone interview.

So, like most actors, Bryce Dallas Howard is used to showing up on a film sets knowing what lines she's supposed to say, when she's supposed to say them and, often, not much more. But the world has now changed.

Things are very different on ''Jurassic World'' : Dominion,'' one of the first major Hollywood studio films to restart production since the coronavirus pandemic led to a global shutdown in March.

Before agreeing to return to Pinewood Studio outside London, Ms. Howard and other members of the east grilled producers and executives from the studio behind the movie, Universal, through a series of Zoom calls and emails about what precautions were being taken.

Ms. Howard now knows everything from how to attach her microphone before filming - she does it herself outside, with help from dresser, as a boom operator wearing a mask and a shield instructs them - to the person who makes her bed at the luxury hotel Universal has rented out for for 20 weeks for the cast and crew.

''Until now, actors were not really included in prep,'' Ms. Howard said in a phone interview,referring to the moviemaking process as a ''need-to-know business.''

But in order to get any of us on a plane, we had to thoroughly understand the protocols, who was involved  and hear second and third opinions. We are the guinea pigs and are going to take the leap.''

''Jurassic World : Dominion,'' scheduled for release next June, is more than just the sixth installment in a franchise that has collected close to $2 billion at the  global box office.

It is a chance for Hollywood to see if it can move past the many industry woes the pandemic has laid bare - from closed movie theaters to an audience that has become increasingly comfortable watching premium films from the couch.

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