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TRAVELERS AND STUDENTS NEED to know that the rights many have taken for granted, like working or retiring in continental Europe, are at an end.

So the government campaign, with a slogan : ''The U.K.'s new start : Let's get going'' is warning Britons, for example, that they will no longer be able to even use European pet passport system.

''With so much going on, many directors feel that preparing for Brexit proper is like trying to hit a moving target,'' said Jonathan Geldart, director general of the Institute of Directors.

Part of the problem is that Britain has been here before, having missed successful deadlines last year for its departure from the European Union. In 2019, some businesses prepared for a rupture, only to find it unnecessary.

NO MORE SEAMLESS ACCESS to medical care. A spike on cellphone bills. And months of preparation if you are taking the dog.

For Britons who have lapsed into complacency about Brexit, the situation will soon get a lot more complicated. Up until now, the biggest problem they faced was driving on the opposite side of the road when reaching France.

With Brexit grinding into its final phase, a government publicity drive is warning that Britons will lose health care rights in the European Union countries and could be charged roaming fees when using cellphones there.

Perhaps as alarming for a nation of dog lovers, traveling freely will be harder for British pets. Owners must plan four months in advance to secure the paperwork to take them.

Britain formally left the European Union in January but is honoring most of the bloc's rules until a transition period ends in December.

After that, Britain will be outside the block's economic structures and can proceed with plans to tighten immigration controls and strike trade agreements around the world.

''For ordinary travelers, it means getting ready for paying for more and more inconvenience,'' said Anand menon, a professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King's College London. ''For business, the government is telling them to get ready for an enormous amount more paperwork.''

Talks between Britain and the European Union over a trade deal were scheduled to continue on Wednesday. Despite new optimism around them, there is no sign of a breakthrough.

Even assuming Prime Minister Boris Johnson strikes an agreement with the bloc that guarantees no tariffs or quotas on trades, more controls on imports and exports are inevitable.

One Monday last, the government also announced details of a new immigration system to be introduced next year, once Britain ends the free movement of European Union workers.

The home secretary, Priti Patel, said the system would ''attract the best and brightest from around the world,'' but many low paid workers will be excluded, which has alarmed employers that rely on them, including nursing-care institutions.

So far, the prime minister has paid no political penalty for taking a hard line over Brexit, and the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Keir Starmer, has not called for extension of the transition period.

If the disruption to trade and travel is severe, however, criticism is certain to grow.

And the government has struggled to provide much evidence of the opportunities it promised would flow from leaving the European Union.

''The change of tone was clear last year in the Conservative election campaign slogan,'' Professor Menon said. ''Let's 'get Brexit done' implied that this is something to get out of the way.''

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