Headline, August 01 2020/ ''' '' YOU TUBERS YON '' '''

''' '' YOU TUBERS YON '' '''

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LATE LAST MONTH - THE YOUTUBE beauty world erupted into drama. Shane Dawson, 31, and  Jefree Star, 34 two of  the biggest stars on the platform faced renewed backlash after allegations of racism, the sexualization of minors and backstabbing.

The public call-out has resulted in an ''unfollow'' campaign in which both have lost hundreds and thousands of followers. And in the fullness of time, more and more drives will ensure unfollow.

Mr. Dawson and Mr. Star have been two of the most powerful and influential YouTubers for nearly 10 years. Mr. Star is also the chief executive of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a makeup brand he started in 2014.

Until recently, Mr. Dawson was a beloved creator who has been called the ''King of YouTube''.

He has been a regular on the platform since 2008 and is connected and friendly with many other top YouTubers. Last year, he produced a docuseries on Mr. Star, which has nearly 150 million views, the two also released a makeup palette together.

BUT offensive statements and videos that Mr. Star and Mr. Dawson posted in previous years are getting renewed attention.

Mr. Dawson has accumulated billions of views on YouTube, often by engaging in offensive humour. He has posted several videos  in blackface, mocked those with disabilities, joked about bestiality, sexulaized minors and once spoke about ''figuratively murdering someone''.

On June 26, Mr. Dawson posted a teary apology on his channel in which he tried to make amends for his past, declaring that he deserved to ''lose everything''.

No sooner had this apology video been posted than a clip of his pretending to sexually gratify himself to a photo of Willow Smith, then 11 years old, resurfaced and began to get shared widely. Jaden and Jada Pinkett Smith spoke out against Mr. Dawson immediately. “To Shane Dawson … I’m done with the excuses,” Ms. Pinkett Smith, Willow’s mother, tweeted.

Mr. Star, a close friend of Mr. Dawson's, also faced cancellation last month. Like Mr. Dawson, Mr. Star has been a fixture on YouTube since the early days. But while Mr. Dawson cultivated an image of a good-natured friend to all, Mr. Star has been called a ''YouTube super villain'' and is considered by many fans to be duplicitous.

Beauty insiders have speculated that both Mr. Dawson and Mr. Star played a large behind-the-scenes  role in stoking backlash against James Charles, another beauty YouTuber last year.

Mr. Star's tight hold on the beauty community and broader reference on YouTube has begun to slip, as has Mr. Dawson's. In the past few months, several channels have released investigations into Mr. Star's past, bringing back to the surface old content in which Mr. Star posed for a brand he was set to start called Lipstick Nazi and supported a fellow music artist, Dahvie Vanity, who was accused of sexual misconduct.

Mr. Star is also alleged to have gathered damning information about fellow YouTube stars to wield over their heads as blackmail.

Neither Mr. Star nor Mr. Dawson responded to a request for comment.

While many of these incidents have surfaced before, the repeated accusations against the two YouTubers at a time when the broader culture is coming to grips with rampant racism and problematic behavior could lead to permanent changes in the beauty world.

Already as Mr. Dawson and Mr. Star hemorrhage hundreds of thousands of followers and face a storm of criticism online.

Target has removed Mr. Dawson's books from the shelves, according to Insider. On June 30, YouTube announced the company had suspended monetization across all three of Mr. Dawson's channels.

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