'GoT' becomes the most pirated show in lockdown. The series dethroned 'Rock and Morty' and 'My Hero Academia'.

HBO'S fantasy series Game of Thrones [GoT], which concluded with its eighth season last year, has become the most pirated TV show in the world during the coronavirus induced lockdown, according to the data released by Parrot Analytics.

Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire, GoT by George RR Martin dethroned Adult Swim's science fiction animated series Rick and Morty at Hulu's My Hero Academia.

AMC's long-running zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead, Disney's Star War series The Mandalorian, a CW's superhero series The Flash and DC Universe's Harley Quinn are other shows on the list.

Even before the lockdown, GoT consistently topped the lists of the most pirated TV shows, given its fans have been invested in it to an unprecedented degree.

The intensity can be gauged by the infamous online petition demanding a remake of the final season. The petition has more than 1.8 million signatories.

The final season garnered a majority of negative audience reception as well as harsh critical reviews. However, to cash in on the popularity, several shows by other networks, HBO included, are developing similar shows, according to The Indian Express.

Not to mention, a prequel of the show is also in the works, according to a recent announcement made by the network. The show called House of Dragon, as the name suggests, would entail the history of House Targaryen in the series, reported Entertainment Weekly [EW]

It is based on George R.R. Martin's Fire a Blood, which is a history of House Targaryen set 30 years before the events of GoT.

Although there is no official casting down breakdown yet, speculations about who could pull off the leading roles of Martin's book have begun.

Fire a Blood covers 150 years and includes the rise and fall of many leaders in Westeros so it's not clear which characters and time period will be the focus of the series.

Sources as cited by EW entail that the famed Dance of Dragons - the Targaryen Civil War that ripped apart Westeros, occasionally referenced in GoT will be tackled at some point.

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