SYRIA has become the longest tragedy ever, in the world. For almost a decade now, the only news that trickles out of the once peaceful country is that of a bloodshed, destruction and death.

The world, unfortunately, has been watching the Syrian people suffer and the country plunge into a permanent state of chaos since the year 2011.

What started as an uprising against the authoritarian ruler in Damascus quickly morphed into a civil war and then a never ending conflict.

However, instead of helping Syria return to some form of normalcy, regional powers decided to take their own agenda to the battle ground.

The Iranians ended up supporting Bashar al-Assad, the main villain in the Syrian tragedy. The Saudis by default, had to support the rebels in the fight against the Assad regime and that turned the messy situation into a battle between those who are for or against the Syrian ruler.

While all of this continues, millions have been forced to leave with nothing but permanent disabilities.

The Syrian crisis has all the elements of a very great tragedy. To add insult to the injury, the Syrian government which happens to be the reason for the crisis, decided to call elections in the country - third since the start of the war.

With little or no legitimacy, the Asad government, for more than two decades, has only crushed opposition in the country. It has taken away almost everything from ordinary Syrians and now as expected, has secured another illegitimate victory in the so called elections.

This particular poll is another mishap on the long list of tragedies in Syria. President Assad can never represent democracy because his authoritarian regime is the very reason that triggered the never ending uprising in the country.

The World Students Society thanks the Editorial staff, The Express Tribune.


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