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MORAL CLARITY OR ONLY ONE ACCEPTABLE TRUTH? Sam Daily Times : ''The Voice Of The Voiceless.''

IN PROUD PAKISTAN or in the world many times over - nobody is as proud as O'' Captain Imran Khan, on the singular honour that is, The World Students Society : Sam daily Times : ''The Voice Of The Voiceless''.

Every single day The World Students Society brings ''The World Cup'' in its service to humanity.

In Super Power America, President Donald J Trump, knows and views Sam Daily Times, as the thinking and distinguished work of the students of the world. At times with moral clarity, and at times as only one acceptable truth.

In Great India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is convinced that Sam Daily Times will be observing and questioning everything, spreading awareness, and helping India rise to its true glory as a secular, peaceful country fighting poverty, illiteracy and injustice.

Sam Daily Times : ''The Voice Of The Voiceless'' will always endeavor to describe and nip evil in the bud.

Modi Jee : ''If conformity wins, Democracy dies a terrible death. Moral clarity or only one acceptable truth?'' Parleys and negotiations are the only way forward for both China and India.

I have never believed much in the notion of journalistic ''objectivity.'' We all bring our individual sensibilities to bear on what we write.

Great Journalism involves the head and the heart, the lucidity to think and the passion to feel, the two in balance.

If you have led a privileged white life, as I have you can and must make the effort to understand what it is to have lived an oppressed black life, to know what it's like to walk into a building and be asked if you are the help, to see the police not as protector but threat, to know some view your life as cheap.

In all the places I have worked, from South Africa, where I had spent my infancy, to Nigeria, to Brazil, I have tried to do that, writing stories about injustice and the ravages of misery. But I cannot inhabit the minds of the subjects of those pieces, however hard I tried.

If I have always been skeptical of objectivity I have always believed in fairness. That is to say, in the attempt to speak to people on both sides of a question, to report your way of the truth by filtering diverse views.

THAT is what distinguishes a journalist. Heading toward the storm in the opposite direction from the crowd, asking understanding by being there, in Jerusalem and Gaza, in Tehran and Washington, in Cape Town and Khayelitsha. Bearing witness involves looking into the eye of strangers whose lives and ideas seem irreconcilable.

''I'm a writer,'' James Baldwin wrote. ''I like doing things alone. To be alone on deadline is the journalist's lot, facing the many faceted world and seeking the means to render it, as closely as possible, knowing that something in the quiver of life is always ineffable and will slip through the cracks.

When, in Sarajevo, I covered the war in Bosnia and watched lives blown away daily by indiscriminate Serb shelling, I made the effort to cross the lines to speak to the nationalist leaders who had twisted Serbian victimhood into a license for mass murder of Bosnian Muslims.

Gen Ratko and Radovan Karadzic, both since convicted of genocide by an international court, were delirious in the belief that the Muslims were the old Ottoman Turk enemy, that the Serbs were the victims not perpetrators.

History I learned, can illuminate but also blind. These men were heinous. Should I have spoken to them? I thought the quest for understanding demanded it. I don't think I was objective. My goal was to describe evil.

Today, a quarter-century later, journalists inhabit a historical fault line. There is a movement in people's minds. The ancient regime is crumbling, and when that happens there are decapitations.

The shift was well captured by Wesley Lowery, a black journalist who left The Washington Post after he clashed with the paper's white executive editor, Marty Baron, over The Post's social media policy and, more broadly, what constitutes ''journalistic integrity.''

Lowery, as reported by my colleague Ben Smith, tweeted early June that : ''American view-from-nowhere, 'objectivity' - obsessed, both-sides journalism is a failed experiment :

We need to rebuild our industry as one that operates from a place of moral clarity. 

I still believe in both-sides journalism. 'A place of moral clarity' can easily mean there is only one truth, and if you deviate from it, you are done for.

The liberal idea that freedom is served by open debate, even with people holding repugnant views, is worth defending. If conformity wins, democracy dies.

I also recognize another truth : that the Floyd killing illustrated that racism in the United States is systemic, and white-dominated American newsrooms are ill-equipped to deal with this reality.

Because only more diversity can capture multiple perspectives.

The Honor and Serving of Great Thinking and Writing, continues. The World Students Society profoundly thanks author Roger Cohen.

With respectful dedication to the Founder Framers, Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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