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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY is uniquely privileged and honoured, just as it is my singular honour, to bestow on Dr. Mahathir Mohamad the ''Life long Membership'' of !WOW!.

In the last many decades, the world got to observe, see and admire, one of the greatest leaders of Mankind, and maybe of all times. The World Students Society prays for his long life and well being, and rises to give this very great human a resounding standing ovation.

The World Students Society's main module on ''Global Corruption'', is hereby named, after Dr. Mahathir Mohammed. The Founder Framers, and the great students of Malaysia, should directly inform him.

MALAYSIA : US PROSECUTORS SAY THAT SO FAR, they've returned about $500 million to the people of Malaysia from selling assets. And they are still looking for more.

Just recently, the Justice Department said it was seeking the forfeiture of $96 million in cash and property, including accounts in Luxembourg and Switzerland, real estate in Paris and two paintings by Andy Wrahol.

Malaysia is seizing and selling, too. It collected an additional $126 million from the sale of Mr. Low's yacht, a 300-foot vessel with a helipad and 11 guest cabins.

The Malaysian government also confiscated tens of million dollars in cash, gold and jewelry from Mr. Najib, who is trying to make something of a political comeback, even as he stands trial there on corruption charges.

FOR SALE : BOUTIQUE HOTEL, CONVENIENT TO hollywood, 116 rooms, rooftop pool, jet setting clientele. Previous owner spent $40 million on renovations before becoming an international fugitive. Asking price : $100 million-plus.

If that sounds like a steal - even in the middle of a global pandemic that has brought travel to a halt - the hotel, the Viceroy I'Erimitage Beverly Hills, could be yours. Just contact the U.S. government.

Prosecutors seized the hotel, about a mile from Rodeo drive, in 2016 as part of a long-running  investigation into one of the biggest foreign bribery and kleptocracy cases in history - the looting of more than $2.5 billion from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, IMalaysia Development Berhad, known as IMDB.

The property was commandeered from Jho Low, a financier turned fugitive when the authorities in the United States and and Malaysia described him as the architect of a brazen scheme that also ensnared a prime minister and one of Wall Street's most powerful banks, Goldman Sachs.

One former Goldman Sachs banker, Tim Leissner has already pleaded guilty. He said he and others of the bank had conspired to circumvent internal controls to work with Mr. Low, paying bribes to officials in Malaysia to issue the bonds that raised money for the fund, which was intended to finance infrastructure projects in Malaysia.

The stolen money was used to buy paintings by Van Gogh and Monet, a custom-built yacht and a see through grand piano.

Some of the cash even helped finance ''The Wolf of Wall Street,'' a film that earned Leonardo Di Caprio a Golden Globe for his performance as the stock-market scammer Jordan Beffort.

This summer the hotel - the last of Mr. Low's marquee properties to be sold by the U.S. authorities - is being auctioned, with proceeds to be split between the governments of Malaysia and the United States.

Viceroy Hotels and Resorts, the company that operates the hotel, charges about $600 a night on average for rooms it markets as a ''home-away-from-home for Hollywood elite, international dignitaries and jet-setting luxury travelers.''

The federal authorities in Los Angeles and Washington are hoping to auction it for more than $100 million, according to people briefed on the matter.

''Luxury Hotels in Beverly Hills don't often come up for sale,'' said Michael M. Eidelman, a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer hired as the special master, or court representative, for the auction. ''We have received inquiries from a number of different groups, and groups from a number of different countries.

Mr. Low, who has never appeared in federal court to respond to fraud charges, has maintained that he did nothing wrong, according to his lawyers and representatives.

The forfeiture actions involving Mr. Low and his associates were on track separate from the criminal investigation, led mainly by prosecutors in Los Angeles and Washington.

In all the federal authorities have seized assets worth as much as $900 million, including Mr. Low's investment interests in the EMI music publishing portfolio, the Park Lane Hotel in New York, the productions rights in three Hollywood movies and a luxury shopper's list of other assets.

In October, Mr. Low - who is believed to be living in China - and his associates gave up all claims to the seized property. Some has already been sold : Mr. Low's stake in the EMI portfolio went to Sony for $415 million in 2018, and his share of the Park Lane Hotel, which overlooks Central Park, was sold last year for $139 million.

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