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CHRISTIANE TAUBIRA - WHO WAS THE first black woman named justice minister in France,  serving from 2012 - 2016 said that a :
That a ''structural discrimination'' has prevented nonwhite minorities from finding their place in the French society.

Not enough has changed since 2005, when two teenage/students boys fleeing police officers were fatally electrocuted, setting off weeks of riots in the poor suburbs of Paris and focusing attention on France's racial fissures, she said.

They tried to enter the republic through the door, the window, the basement, but they failed,'' Ms. Taubira, now retired, said in a phone interview from French Guiana, an overseas department on the northern coast of South America. Rejected in France, they were seeking a form of ''refuge'' by looking to the United States, she added.

Luc Pechangou had never joined a protest before, not even when his own neighborhood just outside Paris was convulsed with anger over the violent arrest of a young black man from the area in 2017.

''It was the shock that I needed to finally wake up,'' Mr. Pechangou, 20, said. ''White privilege is real. Whites have access to employment. They're not stopped by the police. They don't have to worry about what they're wearing or if they have their I.D. cards.''

''But we, as blacks, have to worry every day,'' said Mr. Pechangou, who was born in Cameroon, part of which was a former French colony, and lives in Hector Berlioz, a sprawling subsidized housing complex in Bobigny, just east of Paris.

''People look at us suspiciously. They ask us what we're doing. When I take public transportation, I have to show what's in my backpack. It's not right to have to live like that.''

In the wake of Mr. Floyd's killing, agonizing reflections on race have spread far beyond the United States.

In France they've set off an unexpected reckoning in a country that has long sought social justice through a commitment to universal ideals like equality and secularism, arguing that an emphasis on diversity, ethnicity or race would undermine unity and social fabric.

Many black and Muslim French in the younger generations - by now often from third-generation immigrant communities - are pressing for a new model that takes account of racial differences and discrimination.

They are challenging a founding ideal of modern France, drawing inspiration from the movements in the United States that seek to remedy the racism that metastasized in state structures.

In the past, perceived challenges to French tenets - like the wearing of a Muslim head scarves that some as a threat to France's secularism - have been soundly beaten back.

The political establishment, left and right, remains fiercely opposed to what it regards as an American-inspired threat to their world view. But even many in the  political class acknowledge that the nation has failed to integrate nonwhite and Muslim immigrants and their descendants from its far-flung former colonies.

Protests in France have been led by the family and supporters of Adama Traore, a 24 year-old-man who died in police custody in 2016.

In Paris, as many as 20,000 demonstrators, including a visible percentage of white participants, have assembled in a series of protests, despite the concerns about the coronavirus.

''Our parents came here looking for EL Dorado. They worked, they retired, they died and they left us here,'' said Ibrahim Sakho, 38, a plumber whose parents came from Senegal and Mauritania.

''One generation, two generations later, and now it's the third - until now, we haven't been accepted as French''.

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