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LEADERS : ''' '' ART


WHAT GREAT STUDENTS HAVE TO DO WITH BUILDING A GREAT WORLD for the future generations of Mankind. ''Almighty God has blessed our efforts..''

WE MUST WAKE UP: THIS PANDEMIC offers us the opportunity to realize that the path we as  humans have taken - a path that has rendered our leaders unable to confront, let alone reverse climate change -

Climate change or to alter the way we treat our fellow creatures - will result in endless havoc. Art matters if artists use their talent to help us find the way.

One might ask what this has to do with global pandemic affecting is. The answer lies in art power to shed light on the problems we are confronted with at this very difficult time.

Communities across the United States, Canada and Europe and even Australia mounted a  phenomenal grassroots movement, as was documented by Dr. Jane Gerhard in her 2013 book ''The Dinner Party : Judy Chicago and and the Power of Popular Feminism, 1970 - 2007.

Those who participated in it raised money and pressured public institutions and, when unsuccessful, moved to find alternative to exhibit ''The Dinner Party.'' Millions of people viewed my piece as a result of these worldwide efforts.

One might ask what that has to do with the global pandemic afflicting us. The answer lies in art power to shed light on the problems we are confronted with at this very difficult time.

Much of my art has been directed at interrogating issues related to abuses of power, as well as the victimization and erasure of different groups. ''Power Play'' focused on the ways that toxic masculinity is literally ''Driving the World to Destruction,'' as the title and imagery of one painting in the series suggests.

''Holocaust Project : From Darkness into Light,'' created with my husband, the photographer Donald Woodman, was an effort to warn the world about the global system of injustice and oppression that has produced the Holocaust, which Virginia Woolf once aptly described as ''patriarchy gone mad.''

I am not citing my own art as an egocentric exercise. Rather, I am pointing out that I have been trying to use it to educate, to inspire and empower viewers to effect change.

Significant change can only occur if we shift our focus to the work of those artists who have had the courage to show us who we are and what we are doing.

Artists like Goya, whose masterpiece series ''The disasters of War'' is a powerful reminder that those who have the least to say about human events suffer the gravest of consequences.

Or Kathe Kollwitz, whose vivid portraits of the effect of poverty on the working classes should be viewed as part of any discussion of income inequality to more powerfully illustrate what those words really mean.

Art that raises awareness of the  state of our planet can be especially important in today's world.

One example of this is the work of the contemporary artist and illustrator Sue Coe, whose pieces on    animal mistreatment have been ignored or at best, marginalized by an art community that seems to privilege meaninglessness over consequential work.

My most recent project : ''The End : A Meditation on Death and Extinction,'' also sought to bring attention to what we humans do to other sensate creatures on our shared planet.

This is the kind of art that matters most as we control the devastating force of the coronavirus.

The philosopher David Banatar recently wrote in The New York Times that the pandemic is a consequence of our gross maltreatment of animals. As the primatologist Jane Goodall put it in a YouTube video addressing the outbreak:

''All over the world we've been destroying the places where animals live in order to get materials to build our homes, our cities and to make our own lives more comfortable.''

We need to wake up. The Students need to wake up. The blessed artists amongst you all, can sound the alarm.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on World and Times, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Judy Chicago - an artist, author feminist and educator.

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