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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY'S FUNDAMENTAL worth is intrinsic. It's based on  kindness, compassion and generosity, the ability to give and receive love.

Selfless Service to Mankind, Students and Others has a powerful effect on how we feel about ourselves as well as on how it makes others feel. There are many opportunities to serve, to switch our focus from ourselves to others.

For the above passage, we thank Dr. Vivek H. Murphy, former Surgeon General of the United States and the author of the recently published book " Together ''

Richard J Davidson, professor of psychology and neuroscientist at the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has demonstrated that ''when individuals engage in generous and altruistic behavior, they actually activate circuits in the brain that are key to fostering well-being.''

In other words, caring for other people can be its own reward.

SO DR GOLEMAN. in his book, 'Emotional Intelligence' so explains : That there are two kinds of motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation refers to acts done to receive an external reward or outcome like wealth, power or fame, or in some cases to avoid punishment.

Intrinsic motivation involves behaviors that are done for their own sake and are personally rewarding, like helping other people, participating in an enjoyable sport or studying a fascinating subject.

With intrinsic motivation, inspiration comes from within a person. It tends to be more forceful and the results more fulfilling.

FOR SOME, EVEN WORKING OUT can seem daunting, when preferred activities like swimming or spin classes are no longer accessible.

Too many days I wake up wondering why I should bother to get up, a feeling contrary to my normal determination to use every waking moment to accomplish something worthwhile.

A friend schooled in Buddhist principles suggested that I should cut myself some slack. But a laid -back approach doesn't suit my goal-oriented, people centered personality. I choose instead to consult a former New York Times colleague, Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and the author of ''Emotional Intelligence''.

The stay-at-home edict has pushed so many of us into an extreme motivation mode that is making us  face something that feels like lethargy and meaninglessness,''  Dr. Goleman said.

''At the same time,'' he added, ''it's a ripe opportunity to think about what really matters to us.'' He cited the inspiring of the Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor E. Framkl, who survived four years in Nazi concentration camps maintained by a deep sense of purpose.

Dr. Framkl's rediscovered masterpiece, ''Yes to Life : In Spite of Everything,'' just published in English, offers a path to finding hope even in hard times. It urges people to reflect on what really matters to them and search for ways to act on what is most meaningful.

''Doing what's meaningful - acting on what really matters to a person - is the antidote to burnout,'' said Dr. Goleman who wrote the introduction to Dr. Frankl's book. He suggests to those who are bereft of motivation :

''Face what's happening. What does it mean to me? What really matters to me now? Is there a way I can act upon what's happening to me?''

And then Dr. Goleman sums it up best : ''The news of the day constantly provides an unconscious reminder that we are all mortal.

This can result in negative thought patterns - harsher judgments, blaming the victim, greediness and us-versus-them thinking. But if we consciously reflect on our own death, none of this matters. What really matters is the people we love and helping people.''

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research and Thinking on Motivation : Difficulty and Times, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Jane E. Brody.

With respectful dedication to Mankind : Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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