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''' '' HAND FATE HAND '' '''

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - is the exclusive and eternal ownership of every student in the world.

ALL GREAT, FOUNDER FRAMERS, REMEMBER : Luck is a powerful friend and foe, no matter where. All great successes are pre-ordained. God bless you all, and your efforts to build a great world.

IN TIME, AND SOON, YOU ALL WOULD BE EMBRACING the experiences of world class organization, that would essentially mean, leaving the old vocabulary behind.

I THOUGHT I KNEW ALL ABOUT THE '' ILLUSION OF CONTROL.'' I'd run thousands of test subjects through multiple experiments, noting the pitfalls of their reasoning - and

And reasoning that I, myself, would not know better. But what I didn't grasp, not fully, was just how deep the illusion lies in everyday life.

LUCK SURROUNDS US - from something as mundane as as walking to work and getting there safely to the other extreme, like surviving a disease when someone just like us wasn't spared. But in the countless instances when chance is on our side, we disregard it : It is an invisible ally.

Until we experience a health scare, we often took good health for granted - and even when we say we'' never take it for granted again, it's easy to forget just how lucky we are when go for a stretch without further problems.

IF we're successful at a job, we tell ourselves how hard we've worked to get there, - and forget, conveniently, just how much luck paved our way, and how many others who've worked just as hard weren't as fortunate.

And while it's easy to think that everything I'm saying applies to others, and not to you, don't be so sure of yourself.

''The Society of Movers and Doers is a very pompous society indeed, whose members solemnly accept all the responsibility  for their own eminence and success,'' E.B. White wrote in a in a 1943 essay for Harper's.

When I read those words, they hit a note.
How many people think themselves self-made, when in reality that very notion is something of a farce? And as much as I hated to admit it, had I inadvertently ever been one of them?

WHAT DO WE CONTROL AND WHAT DON'T we control? - and whether we can make most of the former while making our peace with the latter.

I began to turn the idea of luck over in my head. Was it possible to study it controlled conditions?  Was there a way to systematically disentangle the factors within my control from those outside it?

Eventually these questions led me somewhere I never could have predicted I'd land? : the world of professional poker. A world that would end up taking the next three years of my life.

I first came across poker in the foundational text of game theory :
'' Theory of Games and Economic Behavior, '' by John von Neumann and Oskar Morganstern. Von Neumann, I learned wasn't just a poker player. He believed that poker held the key to answering the very questions.

Poker is a game of incomplete information. There the cards I hold, known only to me. There are the cards you hold, known only to you. There are the community cards we all see, coming out in a set of rhythm.

I need to make the best decision I can based on what I know for certain and what I infer from your actions - all the while knowing that not only will I never have all the puzzle pieces, but regardless of how skilled my decision, the cards can break against me.

I can make the best decision possible and still lose. And I can make a horrible mistake and luck out. The process and the outcome are not equivalent.

in life, we can often get away with conflating the two. Things go well,  and we take credit. things go poorly and we blame the world.

Poker forces you to confront the difference - if, that is, you want to be successful. If you blame the cards when you lose and think yourself a genius when you win, you will eventually go broke:

In the immediate term, you can get lucky; in the long term, variance evens out, and if your decision process is flawed you will start losing.

Poker forces you to realize that, no matter your skill, luck is a powerful friend and foe, both at the table and away from it.

SKILL, it turns out, is what you make of LUCK.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Luck, Destiny, and Fate, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Maria Konnikova.

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