The life of a private school teacher is and has never been easy, whether she works at an  internationally renowned institution or at a local area school.

Apart from financial issues, there are other certain alarming problems which are somewhat considered party and are usually not discussed.

The foremost is the emotional trauma and mental agony a private school teacher suffers at her workplace. It certainly does not matter how 'elite' the institute is, the petty mindset is everywhere.

One finds this sense of superiority among the so-called head teachers, coordinators, directors etc. It gradually transforms into what look like a ''political campaign'' to influence you with whatever means possible.

Employees or teachers who believe in sycophancy are soon acknowledged and rewarded by the employers. Education simply has nothing to-do if one wishes to have a successful job at any school.

If you want to prolong your job, you simply have to be the apple of the eye of the school head. But this certainly is not acceptable everywhere. The more qualified you are, the more the chances of your rejection.

School heads will never care what you think or what the world says, rather they will make you do  and think what they say.

Sometimes the poor socioeconomic personality of the employee is so shattered by school heads that you simply want to kill yourself. And this negative attitude does not stop here. It is transferred from the school head to teachers and from teachers to students, and then finally from students to our society.

We expect a local area school teacher to perform like a person with an international exposure and education despite her humble social or educational background. We never help her become what she is expected to be.

Many private school teachers normally hate their profession because it depresses them. The attitude of the school head, the 'political' taunts, satire by colleagues and, of course, low salaries add to the misery.

How can the teachers grow when the system does not offer them opportunities?

Strict action must be taken against those who morally and financially degrade the education system by hiring teachers and other professionals on low salaries and later exploit them.

The World Students Society thanks Ayesha Wahla.


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