Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed a clear resolve to eliminate ''education apartheid'' in the country's education system while directing the relevant authorities to formulate and implement a uniform curriculum across the country.

''Bringing an end to education apartheid in the country's education system is the top priority of the present government,'' PM Imran said on Thursday while chairing a review meeting on reform on education system and the government's agenda on education in context of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to an official statement, the premier ordered the concerned authorities to intensify efforts to bring madrases into the mainstream and equip the children studying in the madrases with  modern sciences while implementing the strategy earlier agreed with the religious institutions.

''Equipping the youth with modern sciences and preparing them to face the challenges of the present and future is the need of the hour and our first priority,'' Imran Khan was quoted as saying.

The PM was given a detailed briefing on progress made so far in introducing a uniform curriculum in the country, reforms in madrases, promotion of ''skilled Pakistan'' and reforms in higher education.

The premier was informed that a unified curriculum has been formulated for the first to fifth classes which will be implemented in April 2021. The government is consulting with relevant stakeholders to formulate a syllabus for grade six to eight, the premier was told.

The World Student Society thanks author Rizwan Shezad, The Express Tribune.


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