ONE of Hrithik Roshan's most memorable performances is undoubtedly in Koi Mil Gaye. His character Rohit was differently abled and so connected with an alien named Jadu [since he felt like one himself] like no other.

But the Bollywood heartthrob has also revealed another reason behind their bond, both have one extra thumb!

Roshan found a friend in Jaadu, an alien, in the 2003 sci-fi hit, A fan of the actor made an interesting observation about a similarity between Jaadu and Rohit after which, the actor confirmed that Jaadu was given an extra thumb to provide Rohit with a sense of familiarity.

The fans wrote on Hrithik's twitter, ''I was watching  Koi Mil Gaya on television and observed something weird. Was it on purpose, the decision to give an extra thumb to Jaadu to make him similar to Rohit Mehra? Was it the major reason for the connection between the two characters?''

Confirming the fan's observation, Roshan replied. ''Yes it was to help Rohit feel familiarity. But we had to keep it subtle as the thumb didn't look as great as I wanted. You have a good eye, my friend. Stay safe.

Recently, another fan asked the superstar if he had called aliens again after a loud and mysterious boom in several parts of Bengaluru.

''Hey, Hrithik, is that you who called aliens by mistake again?'' The tweet caught Roshan's attention and joked that it was not a mistake.
''It wasn't a mistake. It's time,'' he quipped.

Directed by Rakesh Roshan, Koi Mil Gaya starred Roshan and Preity Zinta in the leading roles.

The film was about Rohit who was mentally challenged until Jaadu, a species from outer space, comes to his rescue on Earth to make him feel like he fits in.

In 2018, Koi Mil Gaya completed 15 years of release. Roshan penned a long note on how the film paved the way for his superhero franchise Krrish.

''Koi Mil Gaye gave birth to Krrish, and in a weird way, playing Rohit gave birth to a newfound strength in myself.''

Roshan bagged several Best Actor awards for his role as Rohit.

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