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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY IS A MASTER TOOL THAT CAN help solve all the world problems and assemble and create a beautiful world.

THE PANDEMIC OF IGNORANCE : ALL THOSE WHO ROBBED AND STOLE STUDENTS  FUTURE : Be best advised, to make amends and turn over many new leafs and create many art forms.

Mankind has zero future, if students have ZERO future. The students of the entire world are an innocent honor, so totally at the mercy of economic forces, that stir, if anything, all societal evils.

Creativity permeates life and, like love, it can break your heart. New weapons against climate change may float.

For example in creativity : Generating electricity from wind began on land, but developers, led by Orsted of Denmark, started venturing into the sea in the early 1990s as they sought wide-open spaces and to escape the objections of the neighbors to have a twirling monster next door.

Three decades later, offshore is now the fastest-growing segment of the wind business.

The word ''art'' can seem pretentious : When students hear it, they worry someone will force them to read a novel, or go to a museum, or see a movie without any explosions in it.

To me, art simply refers to those aspects of our lives that can be suffused and transformed by creativity. And having creativity in our lives is important. Without we're just going through the motions, stick in the past. With it we feel alive, even joyous.

But if I say that art is simply life imbued with creativity, isn't that just a case of obscurum per obscurius - of explaining the murky with the even murkier? After all, what exactly is creativity?

To help understand this puzzle, here are five theses on creativity:

1.- Creativity makes something new : A different way of talking suddenly can suddenly make our world seem new. Here's an example :

In the Middle Ages, a road was something people walked on, the ocean a terrifying expanse of blue. But when the anonymous author of the Old English-epic poem ''Beowulf'' called the ocean a ''whale-road,'' he made his readers experience the ocean afresh. The ocean may be an obstacle for us landbound humans, but for whales it was a road.

2.- Creativity is shy. It's easy to miss that creativity is about making something new, because, as soon as we succeed, the new thing we've created appears obvious, as if it had always been there.

''Whale'' and ''Road'' were just there hanging around when someone said ''Whale-road.'' And then people said, ''Of course! The ocean maybe a barrier for us, but it's not for whales. They swim in it.'' All that one person did was say what there was to be said - except it wasn't there to be said, until he or she said it.

Creativity can seem like a tool for solving problems : We need a new word for the ocean! But creativity doesn't just solve problems; it also makes or discovers new problems to solve.

Hundreds of years ago, nobody knew the old-words for ocean weren't cutting it, until someone said  ''whale-road.'' And everyone was like, ''!WOW! It is a whale-road.''

Creativity always hides itself - it makes itself disappear.

That's a helpful point to keep in mind when thinking about science., because creativity is  fundamental there, too.

We tend to think of science as a series of nonoptional statements about how the world works - as a collection of things we must believe. But if that's true, how can scientists be creative? They can't really say anything new; they just have to passively express things as they are.

But, of course, that isn't how science works at all. We actually have to create it. When Newton came up with his second law of motion [ force equals mass acceleration]  he was being just as creative as the person who came up with ''Whale-road'' And as with ''whale-road,'' Newton's creativity was concealed by the success of his creative act :

His formulation pointed towards something that already existed, but also didn't. The more successful we are, the more it will seem like the things we created didn't need to be created. Creativity hides.   

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