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A STOCK MARKET TRADING SYSTEM CONCEPT : with listings for Human Rights, Governance, Corruption, Filth, Cleanliness, Love, Freedom, Happiness, Education, Crooks, Criminals, Medical care, Jobs, Population, Densities, Minorities, Violence, Child-abuse, Decay, Sexual abuse, Injustice, Intolerance. You just name it.............

Every FUNCTION, every act, every evil, every threat, a VIRTUAL Joint Stock Company, so listed, for its share to trade daily, and on a global basis. The World needs to see how it is viewed, every single day. The rest I need to keep under wraps.

The World Students Society reserves all rights - every single right, on its master invention. All profits will go to the students of the world : dispensed and distributed by your elected members and office holders.

This invention, planned to be inaugurated and launched in the months ahead, proves that creativity eventually finds ways to work its way out of apparent dead ends.

REMEMBER : ''NOBODY IS GOING TO COME AND SAVE US.................... IF you don't struggle now, to save our own selves and the future of the world and mankind.

Actions speak louder than best words. Lip-sync turns out to be a smart way to send up the world.

President Donald Trump has some ideas about fighting the coronavirus :
''We hit the body with a tremendous force, whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful light,'' the president says, to the bafflement of nearby aides.

''Supposing, I said, you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or.......... in some way,'' continues the president, gesturing toward her.....................

Her? I should explain. The words are 100 percent Donald J. Trump's. The actions belong the comedian Sarah Cooper, whose homemade lip-syncs of the president's rambling pandemic related statements have become the most effective impression of Mr. Trump yet.

Ms. Cooper posted that first video, titled ''How to Medical,'' to Tik Tok and Twitter in April. In a 49-second tour de force, Ms. Cooper illustrates his musings on light and disinfectant using a lamp and household cleaning products playing the president's puzzled aide in cutaways.

She captures her Trump entirely through pantomime. She crosses her arms and bounces on her heels, like a C.E.O filibustering through a meeting while the staff suffers. Plenty of wags seized on Mr. Trump's bleach prescription for easy jokes, but her performance gets at something deeper:

The peacocky entitlement of the longtime boss who is used to having his every whim indulged, his every thought doodle praised as a Michelangelo.

Ms. Cooper has been on a tear since, her Karaoke Trump building forth on the math of disease testing and wrestling with what it means to test ''positively'' for a virus.

Channeling the president's announcement that he was taking the drug hydroxychloroquine [against prevailing medical advice] as a Covid preventive, she's a maniac Willy Wonks, handing out a blister pack of pills to herself as a girl in pigtails.

Long before he was elected, Donald Trump posed the challenge of being easy to imitate, and thus nearly impossible to satirize. Everyone has a trump, and when everyone has a Trump, no one does.

A big problem comes when a writer tries to take the president's belligerent spoken jazz [''I know words. I have the best words''] and force it into comedic 4/4 time. Even the most lacerating satire has to impose coherence on Mr. Trump, which - like news reports that try to find a narrative in his ramblings - ends up publishing the results, losing the chaos essential in the genuine article

Which maybe destined Donald Trump to be the Tik Tok president. The service was built around the concept of lip-sync videos, and to spoof this president, the perfect script is no script.

Before Ms, Cooper's ''How To Medical,'' other Tik Tok users rifled on a Trump ramble about the power of ''germs''. Kylie scott posted ''Drunk in the Club After Covid,'' lip-syncing Mr. Trump's words as a rambling inebriate, finding 80-proof logic in the teetotaler president's meetings.

''The germ has gotten so brilliant,'' she mouths - cradling a drink, squinting her eyes and spiraling a finger toward her temple ''that the antibiotic can't keep up with it.'' [A Tik Tok search on ''#drunktrump'' yields a growing crop of examples]

In 2008 Tina Frey hit on a version of this with her ''Saturday Night Live'' impression of Sarah Palin, some of whom best lines were verbatim or near-verbatim quotes.

But even Ms. Frey put some English on Ms. Palin's English as with the line ''I can see Russia from my house,'' which some people later mistook for a real quote.

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