Headline, June 08 2019/ ''' '' VACUUMS ALL VACUOUS '' ''' : !WOW!

''' '' VACUUMS ALL VACUOUS '' ''' : !WOW!

THE BEST HOPE AND BEACON - for the great people of India and Pakistan, the developing world, the entire world : The World Students Society.

Millions by millions of people are out of work, and ever and ever more increasingly out of money. With the United States, already wrestling with an economic collapse not seen in a generation.

In many, many ways, the world around us has changed immensely and irrevocably. As our social  interactions have changed, our appreciation for human connection has heightened.

History and fair minded great humans will record that for over a decade, this great accomplishment has been led by none other than The World Students Society.

SADLY - VERY TRAGICALLY  IN MOST American towns and cities, there is a sense of terrible anger, anguish and frustration.

The death of Mr. George Floyd has shown, once again, that African Americans in the US continue to face the evil wrath of a very broken system.

Mr. Floyd was not the only one who suffered - no one knows how many more face a similar ordeal and their plight is never captured on camera. They are just erased from the system. Perhaps the world will never know the exact number.

But we do know now, and should have known for quite some time, that the system is unable to reform itself. We also know that this is not just a Republican or a Democratic issue.

That this could happen in a state where nearly all office holders are Democrat, and the Attorney General of Minnesota is from the African American community, speaks volumes about why  expecting the system to somehow correct itself is terribly naive.

For far too long, the black community in the US has suffered. Their challenges have unfortunately gotten worse during the Covid-19 pandemic. African Americans in cities from New York to Detroit have been hit much harder than other communities and their lack of access to quality care has become too obvious to ignore for anyone.

At this time, what is needed is not just thoughts and prayers - a mechanical response from leaders and citizens around the country - but a genuine commitment to reform, a robust plan to fix what is broken, and a leadership that is clear on its moral values.

Unfortunately none of that is available at hand. Instead, there is a painful moral vacuum, a blame game from the highest office in the country, even an ill-fated decision to quit WHO.

The moral vacuum is not just in the federal leadership in the US, it trickles all the way to individuals and institutions and, both within the US and abroad.

It is in all of us. Some of my friends in Pakistan are concerned about the black community, others are gloating at the chaos that ensues in US streets and are calling it a retribution for the War on Terror

Say : within the US, the Pakistani community has been totally quiet, perhaps oblivious to the world around it, too occupied in the celebrity cheating scandals in Pakistan. That oblivion is a sign of  moral vacuum.

US is not the only country with a privileged class that seems indifferent to the sufferings of those who are less fortunate. For comparison, see the response of the government to the recent air crash here with that of the train incident in Rahim Yar Khan a few months ago.

Both were terrible preventable tragedies. Both losses are immense and painful. Both require deep introspection about a culture of safety that just does not exist.

Those lives were less valuable. Even a cursory comparison of the news cycle about the two incidents tells one that people are neither equal when living, and certainly not equal in death.

A single virus can affect the entire planet and bring all our lives to a standstill. Yet, there are other boundaries within society that seem to be standing just as tall, sharp as ever.

And it is the height of these boundaries of privilege and injustice that will ultimately define the future of our humanity.

Without fear and without favor, The World Students Society will ever and more, continue to honor and serve - in every nook and corner of the world, - the entire humanity.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on the State-of-the- World, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Professor Muammed Hamid Zaman, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Boston University.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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