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THE JOB MARKETS HAVE IMPLODED - the world over, promising leads have dried up, and what would reign supreme, for careers, at all stages, would hang in limbo.

''IT WAS LIKE THE UNIVERSE WAS SAYING : 'Maybe that isn't what you're supposed to be doing,'' she said.

Ms. Pendley, 40, is refocusing on her work at the skin care company, but has put plans for her next stop on hold. ''I'm just sitting in limbo,'' she said.

In addition to career gone awry, the crisis has upended plans for relocations. Samantha Petrie, 44, was considering moving from her home in Corte Madera, Calif, for a new job in London.

Even before the virus, she was having second thoughts in the wake of Brexit. Now, it is concerns about a second wave and further economic disruption that give her pause.

''Will we see another flare-up of this virus in the fall or winter and see another shutdown?'' she said. ''Who knows what will happen?''

The setbacks can seem particularly unfair to those who graduated from college just before the financial crisis. Ms. Hasti Nazim was hired by Lehman Brothers straight out of college in 2008, joining the firm just in time for it to file for bankruptcy.

''Is this really happening to my generation again?'' she said. ''It feels like for the second time, the rug is being pulled out from under me.''

Ms. Petrie, Ms. Nazem and others expressed hope that though the job market has been obliterated by the pandemic, new opportunities would emerge in the months ahead.

''It feels like something new is going to come out of this,'' Ms. Petrie said. ''There are new companies that are going to arise.

THE STAGGERING UNEMPLOYMENT FIGURES - devastating as they are - do not fully capture the degree to which the coronavirus has disrupted professional life across the entire world. 

Since March, when the crisis began to shut businesses en masse, a generation of professionals has seen careers enter a state of suspended animation.

Hiring has dried up, advancement has ceased, job searches have been out on hold and new ventures are in jeopardy. As a result, even well-connected high earners are suddenly in unfamiliar territory.

''There is a deep uncertainty,'' said Alisa Cohn, an executive coach who works with companies including Google and Pfizer. ''We're not just in holding pattern. We're on our way somewhere new, but what we don't know is what it looks like.

The anxiety is not exclusive to those who are unemployed. Some people who are gainfully employed but were considering new roles are also unsure of how to proceed.

Ms. Nazem recently joined a 14-week ''virtual networking and development cohort'' called the Grand Quest. For $1,200, she will join biweekly Zoom meetings with other job seekers who are looking to identify their career goals and pursue new opportunities.

The hope, she said, was that the group would provide ''an opportunity to join a supportive community that understands career transitions for entrepreneurs while facing these unprecedented challenges.

Craig Stacey was vice president of marketing at McKesson, the health care company, until he was let go last September in a reorganization. He immediately began searching for a new job and said he was finalist for several senior marketing roles.

''Silver and bronze medals are good in the Olympics, but not in the job market,'' said Mr. Stacy, 52, of Minneapolis.

He started interviewing for two jobs in early March. After the virus hit, one company told him it was suspending the search; the other simply stopped communicating with him.

''I was ghosted,'' he said. And what the world will soon witness and feel would be just Zoom calls with strangers.

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