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My favorite student Aqsa Sultan Abbasi, heads the honor. I stop and continue with the honor of paying respects to Aqsa's very great parents :

Her beautiful 100% mother : Sajida Sultan Abbasi. Her father the revered Sultan Abbasi. Her outstanding and genius sisters Merium, Rabo. And, of course, her unique brother Haider.

''I thank you all, for your incalculable honors bestowed on me, your incredible acts of every kindness and respect. 'May Almighty God, in his infinite mercy and blessings guide you. Ameen!' '' 

AQSA : WHAT PHOTOGRAPHS DO WE HAVE ON RAW SUFFERINGS IN THE WORLD?  What videos have we stored on Mankind's inhumanity? What lists and photographs do we have on evil, crime and cures?

Everytime we post a picture, we're telling a story, crafting the myth of our own life. Images of students, children, kids become part of that mythology.

IN HER 1977 BOOK ''ON PHOTOGRAPHY'' SUSAN SONTAG wrote : '' To photograph people is to violate them, by seeing them as they never see themselves, by having knowledge of them that they can never have -

It turns people into subjects that can be symbolically possessed. Just as camera is a sublimation of the gun, to photograph someone is a subliminal murder, appropriate to a sad, frightened time.''

SCROLL casually your platform of choice and you'll see kids/students. Kids protesting on Pinterest; students posing on Instagram; kids socially distanced proms and graduations on Facebook. Kids of people you know I.R.L. and kids of people you don't.

Kids who most likely haven't given their permission for you and me and to see them as or who have simply accepted this exposure as part of modern life.

The Stauffers started to post about their quest to adopt a child from China - or in YouTube-speak, their emotional adoption journey - in 2016.

They brought home a 2 1/2-year-old boy named Huxley in October of 2017 and began posting videos about life with their new toddler and the challenges of parenting a child with autism and sensory processing disorder.

The emotional journey was also a lucrative one; From 2017 to 2018, the audience for Myka Stauffer's channel doubled, and she was able to turn those numbers into deals with brands like Dreft and Glossier, fancy vacations, luxury cars and a new four-bedroom, 5.700-square foot home.

But by early 2020, viewers noticed that Huxley had disappeared from family videos. Late last month, Myka and James posted a video in which they tearfully explained that they were ill equipped to handle Huxley's challenges.

There were vague allusions to the safety of other kids and the confession that they'd found Huxley a new home, with a new family. Cue the outrage.

The scandal has prompted debates about international adoptions, about whether a second home can ever be in an adopted child's best interest, about racism and white saviorism - all valid and important.

But the piece that has stuck with me is the question whether anyone's children -influencer's or not -belong on a parent's social media feed at all.

EVERY TIME we post a picture, we're telling a story, crafting the myth of our own life. Images of students, of our own children become part of that mythology.

A shot of kids frolicking on the beach or posting at Disney World tells a story about prosperity, happiness and ease. A photo of well-scrubbed kids on the first day of school says My children are thriving, I'm a good man.

With normal people - those of us who aren't running monetized YouTube channels or posting  ''emotional'' videos of our ''motherhood journeys'' - things are not as clearly commercialized as they were for the Stauffers.

We aren't partnering with brands, we aren't selling goods or services. But we are always selling ourselves.

Sontag died the year Facebook started, before influencers were a thing. But she would have recognized the violation; the way Myka and James Stauffer turned Huxley into character on a show for which he'd never auditioned-

An extreme version of what all new parents do when they ''debut'' pictures of their new babies.

We are undeniably living in a sad and frightened time. Now, more than ever, children on social media are a bright spot, offering respite, comic relief, connection with far-off friends and sheltering-in-place relatives, even hope for the future.

But it's true that so many of us have gotten used to posting and consuming and sharing those images constantly, endlessly and thoughtlessly.

Maybe, at the very least, we should be giving it a little more thought.

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