Headline, May 31 2019/ ''' '' HAPPY EUROPEANS HEART '' '''


 HEART '' '''

MS. DEVIGO DESCRIBED HERSELF as a year-round beach enthusiast. And she said that after months of going stir crazy in her nearby home -

The opening of the beaches and the ability to stare out at the hazy island Ischia, was a ''mercy from God.''
''We all got fat!'' Ms. Devigo added, referring to the ''quarantine kilos'' she said she had put on.

ITALIANS HAVE BEEN WAITING TO GET back to the beach for months and have obsessed over the summer prospects essentially since the lockdown began in March.

''This summer we will go the beach,'' the under secretary for culture, Lorenza Bonnaccorsi, assured a troubled country in April.

THE lifeguard turned his back to the water - and looked for danger on the sand. Sunbathing beats safety as Italians flock to the sea, hoping tourists will follow.

All around him at the beach club west of Naples, children on their stomachs dug moats while adults reclined on beach chairs, catching rays, eating stuffed shells and reconnecting with friends on the first Sunday back at the beach after a monthslong lockdown.

Some maintained the new social-distancing restrictions. Some just did not.

''I look a little this way,'' said the lifeguard, Salvatore Scardozone, 31, shifting from the sea to the land. ''And I look a little this way.''

As the temperatures rise, sun-starved Europeans are desperate to get to the beach, and tourism -starved Mediterranean countries are desperate to have them there.

In Greece, the government is trying to negotiate an ''air bridge'' from Britain, with promises of 40 bathers per 1,000 square meters and disinfected chairs.

The Spanish are trying to persuade Germany to send tourists their way, while Baltic Sea resorts, which had a far less severe epidemic than Spain, are trying to poach them.

But it is Italy, which endured one of Europe's worst outbreaks, that is most counting on the economically restorative powers of its beaches and the seas.

This week, the governor of the island of Sardinia, which had hardly any cases, said visitors could come without quarantining, as long as they carried a ''health passport,'' without detailing how such a document would work.

But the national government has also said that any sharp rise in new infections would prompt another lockdown, and the mayor of one small town in the southern region of Puglia closed the beaches this week after seeing an ''invasion'' of sunbathers, many he said, ''wearing their masks as necklaces.''

''It was the beauty of our community,'' Antonio Decaro, the mayor of the southern city of Bari and the president of Italy's association of mayors, said of the boisterous beach scene.

But he added that, until there was a vaccine, people had to go the beaches ''some at the time, few people far away.''

At the Lido Varco d'Oro, people didn't seem so few or far away. A toddler with goggles and a face mask the colors of the Italian flag scampered into the sea, next to a circle of adults with their bare faces pointed to the sun.

On one part of the beach, two cousins from Naples were spending the afternoon sunbathing and taking tinfoil wrapped cold cuts out strollers to feed their husbands and small children playing in the sand.

''Feel this air, smell the sea,'' Enza Ponticelli, 30, said. ''It's safer out here.'' Her cousin Valentina Rubino, 31, agreed.
''It's freedom,'' she said.

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