Headline, May 26 2019/ ''' '' TIMES !WOW! TRACE '' '''

''' '' TIMES !WOW! TRACE '' '''

WHEN THE FUTURE GENERATIONS get to read the history of these times, The World Students Society must and will always provide the illumination.

O'' STUDENTS IF YOU ALL MOST CONVENIENTLY  CAN : please share this publishing with all Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the entire world:

''The World Students Society plans, to jump the gun.'' And heretofore is, the very general, how part.

PREPARED TO FIGHT BACK O'' CAPTAIN? : YES! powered by the graces and blessings of Almighty God, the creator of universe.

SAY - THE  WORLD should know that : The World Students Society will never accept this pandemic lying down and simply whining for mercy.

All great leaders of the world, should crystallize these existential threats and leverage them to opportunities in the best service to Mankind.

I WON'T NAME  COUNTRIES - but in the developing world the protocols of hygiene and cleanliness and waste management are sinking to the lowest standards, imaginable? O''Captain?

ALL Developing World Leader's best wake up, and get the students to go on an unending offensives. Get your countries cleaned up and scrubbed clean and spotless. Reconfigure and reorganize for victory.
Scratch is a good baseline.

Almighty God is watching and overseeing our religion, our beliefs, our faiths, and our destiny but also our fightback.

In Proud Pakistan, say, O''Captain should define, and get the Tourism companies to execute ''Fitness Tourism.'' Get the students to spread out to mountains, and camping, Fresh air and Freedom and reading.

''Every life is very precious so the World at large must endeavour to preserve its greatest asset, The Students of the world.''

Freezing to status quo and inaction, is our biggest enemy. For if you let these students be : one generation, this generation, God forbid, will get rubbished.

In India, Modi Jee, should get moving, and get the heroic students to clean up for beautiful India, to shine through.

We maybe in for a long drawn survival battle. Same holds good for Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Africa, Middle East, Latin America,.................

''No Leader, no one leader, ever had such a situation in their wildest nightmares, let alone their playbook.''

''The challenge that especially our large organizers face is they're typically held in big cities and the partner ecosystem is just massive,'' Mr. Vallaster of A2Z, said.

The ecosystem includes the people who set up lighting equipment, unload trucks and serve food at conventions centers; the mom-and-pop companies that fabricate trade show booths, signs and promotional products like T-shirts, and coffee mugs -

The photographers, caterers and decorators - along with meeting planners who hire these contractors and coordinate all of the logistics.

DRASTICALLY REDUCING THE NUMBER OF ATTENDEES in a space has significant implications for revenue in hotels.

Most hotels in the world operate on a model where the room rental is, in effect subsidized by a conference's guaranteed number of guest rooms and predetermined amount of food and drink.

If a group suddenly needs three times the space for social distancing measure - which one industry consultant says is a possibility - this model may not work anymore.

''The difficulty of this is the length of time that's going to take, and the uncertainty about it and what's going to happen in the interim,'' Ms. Bauer said.

The acceptable standards of cleanliness are also much higher now. At hotels, housekeeping staff is increased and everything from carpets to paper goods, like notepads in guest rooms, are removed.

Major chains including Marriott, Hyatt Hotels, IHG Hotels & Resorts and Hilton - which is advertising a partnership Lysol - have announced new cleaning protocols to reassure guests about the conditions of rooms, meeting areas and public spaces.

For conference attendees, this means that  jam-packed schedules will become a thing of the past. Deep cleaning each room and all of the furniture in it before a new group enters will take time.

Managing the flow of hundreds hundreds, if not thousands, of people while maintaining social-distancing guidelines, will also be more time-consuming.

Hotels will also need to consider ways to cut down on physical touch points in public spaces.

''Are bathroom doors going to have door stops so you don't have to touch the door?'' asked Nancy   Sutta Berns. a senior program manager for Conference Management Services, which produce scientific conferences.

Then, there is the issue of fault : If someone travels to an event and subsequently contracts the coronavirus, which party is responsible?

''I think the liability question is coming up more and more,'' Mr. Vallaster of A2Z said.

Some organizers have floated the idea of on-site testing for attendees, but that raises potential privacy and medical records concerns.

''There are still so many questions out there.''

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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''' Playbook Players '''

Good Night and God Bless

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