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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY cascades all its blessings and wishes and prays for mercy and forgiveness and guidance for the entire Mankind.

On this very cusp, The World Students Society also mourns the Loss of every precious life of this horrid tragedy of the PIA crash. Numb with grief, The World Students Society acknowledges the sharing of our sorrows by the world and its leaders.

By name, we thank Modi Jee, Prime Minister of India, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada, and everybody and all. So it is, at the moment...... - alas, with a heavy heart we return to our struggles and to Almighty God's glory.

The coronavirus pandemic has upended operations and activities across nearly all industries, but meeting and conference planners face a particularly daunting task and challenges.

''Obviously, the impact to the events and trade shows industry has been cataclysmic,'' said Amy Calvert, chief executive of the Event industry Council; a trade group.

Ms. Calvert said her group's members were being forced to reinvent nearly every aspect of their jobs, including, shifting-in-person meetings to remote platforms. They will also have to think about how big presentations and buffet lines will need to be altered or eliminated, once people start to gather again.

''No one really had this in their playbook,'' said Richard Vallaster III, director of client relations at A2Z, a meeting planning company in Columbia, Md ''You can't necessarily plop and drop what you'd done in person into the virtual world.''

Even something as simple as scheduling a presentation becomes a puzzle when taking into account the various time zones of participants, he said.

Hilary Laney, chief executive Evia, a virtual event production company in Seattle, said that ''for event planners, as a whole, this has been a huge learning curve for them.''

She said she had been fielding a deluge of inquiries from from prospective customers who were concerned that even after stay-at-home orders were lifted, they would need to skittish meeting attendees a virtual option.

Annette Greg, senior vice president of experience at the trade group Meeting Professional international, said organizers faced three big questions right now : ''Should we still have the conference at all in 2020?

Should we add a virtual component? What are the requirements going to be when people do convene live, and who's going to dictate those? Ms. Gregg said her group was pushing back its annual June conference until November.

Brian King, global officer of digital. distribution, revenue strategy and global sales at Marriott International, said his sales team had been hearing similar concerns. ''Folks have shifted their meetings,'' he said. ''They've kind of moved to the back half of the year.''

While some events are migrating entirely to the digital realm, many trade associations and exhibition organizers depend on the revenue from live events to sustain their operations.

SOCIAL distancing protocols are among the thorniest challenges for people who plan face-to-face events.

Carina Bauer, chief executive of IMEX Group, an exhibition organizer based in Britain that focuses on the convention industry, said that trade show organizers were considering options like enlarging booths, making convention hall access by appointment only even erecting clear plastic barriers between the vendors who exhibit and their would-be-buyers.

Hotels are prepared for meeting room capacities to be slashed and and seating arrangements reconfigured.

''We have a space-to-customer calculator,'' Mr. King, of Marriott, said. ''We've increased the space in that calculator.'' A round table that previously would have been set with eight chairs, for instance, would be set with only four.

Meals - especially buffets - and networking receptions with small tables and tightly clustered seating arrangements are probably gone for good.

''I think the traditional buffet that we've all come to know, when you're standing in line and you're reaching around the next person, we see that going away, definitely,'' said Linda McNairy, a vice president at American Express Global Business Travel.

''Having everyone packed in the bar - I think those days in the past and will remain in the past.''

In the near term, even attendees will eat mostly presealed and packaged food; a few organizers are considering stooping food service.

Plated meals are likely to look quiet different as well, with no present place settings to prevent airborne contamination, and diners spread out, perhaps with plastic plastic shields between them.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on 'These Times', continues. The World Students Society thanks author, Martha C White.

With respectful dedication to the memories of all crash victims, their families, and then the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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