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O'' Founder Framers - O'' Students of the world!
Navjot Sidhu - Salman Khan - Kapil Sharma.

I am very grateful to the great students of India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh for their very gracious honors, and very best wishes.

I will, God willing, so very soon, be seeking blessings and permission from the O''Captain Imran Khan, H.E, the Prime Minister of Proud Pakistan, to pay you all a walking, - long due, visit.

WHILE in India, if I may, I will be staying with Kapil Sharma, just about India's original and very best son.

My personal wishes and prayers for his great mother, his wife, his family, and the people of India.  Founder Vishnu, to ensure that Kapu, and everybody stands informed..

IN JUST ONE DECADE - after Almighty God, blessed the world with the The World Students Society - the students and their childhood has changed out of all recognition. Couldn't agree with Barbara Beck, more.

What does that mean for Students, children, parents, society at large, and the whole universe?

''WHEN I was a kid, we were out and about all the time, playing with our friends, in and out of each other's houses, sandwich in pocket, making our own entertainment.

Our parents hardly saw us from morning to night. We didn't have much stuff but we came and went as we liked and had lots of adventures.''

This is roughly what you will hear if you ask anyone over 30 about their childhood in a rich country. The adventures were usually of a homely kind, more Winnie the Pooh than Star Wars, but the freedom and companionship were real

Today such children will spend most of their time indoors, often with adults rather than with siblings or friends, be supervised more closely, be driven everywhere rather than walk or cycle, take part in many more organised activities and, probably for several hours every day, engage with a screen of some kind.

All this is done with the best of intentions. Parents want to protect their offspring from traffic, from crime and other hazards in what they see as a more dangerous world, and to give them every opportunity to flourish.

And indeed in many ways children are better off than they were a generation or two ago. Child mortality rates even in rich countries are still dropping. Fewer kids suffer neglect or go hungry.

They generally get more attention and support from their parents, and many governments are offering extra help to very young children from disadvantaged backgrounds. As adolescents, fewer become delinquents, take up smoking and drinking or become teenage  parents. And more of them finish secondary school and go on to higher education.

The children themselves seem fairly happy with their lot. In an survey across the OECD in 2015, 15-year-olds were asked to rate their satisfaction with their life on a scale from zero to ten.

The average score was 7.3 with Finnish kids the sunniest, at nearly 7.9, and Turkish ones the gloomiest, at 6.1. Boys were happier than girls, and children from affluent families scored higher than the rest.

That is not surprising. Prosperous parents these days, especially in America, invest an unprecedented amount of time and money in their children to ensure that they will do at least as well as the parents themselves have dine, and preferably better.

Those endless rounds of extra tutoring, music lessons, sports sessions and educational visits, together with lively discussions at home about every subject under the sun, have proved highly effective at securing the good grades and social graces that will open the doors to top universities and well-paid jobs.

Working-class parents in America, for their part lack the wherewithal to engage in such intensive parenting. As a result, social divisions from one generation to the next are set to widen.

Not so long ago the ''American dream'' held out the prospect that everyone, however humble their background, could succeed if they tried hard enough.

But a recent report by the World Bank showed that intergenerational social mobility [the chance that the next generation will end up in a different social-class from the previous one] in the land of dreams is now among the lowest in all rich countries.

And that is before many of the social effects of the new parenting gap have had time to show up yet.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Education, Students, Childhood, Parents, Society, Mankind, continues. The World Students Society thanks The Economist, for this research.

With respectful dedication to Mankind, the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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