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STUDENT GRETA THUNBERG : FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE - Project Drawdown - Rogue Climate in Southern Oregon - Zero Hour and the Sunrise Movement :

And dozens, if not hundreds of groups dedicated to climate activism, have all done splendid job in the selfless service to Mankind and the future generations.

You are scrolling through the news and see yet another story about climate change. But here's a five-step plan to deal with the stress and become part of the solution.

THE UNITED STATES EMITTED 5.28 BILLLION METRIC tons of energy-related carbon dioxide  in 2018.

AUSTRALIA IS ON FIRE, INDONESIA IS DROWNING. At the same time Donald Trump is trying to make it easier to build new-fossil projects.

As you read, your chest tightens and a sense of dread washes over you, radiating out from your heart. You feel anxious for, afraid and intensely guilty.

Just the morning, you drove a gasoline-powered car to work. You ate beef for lunch. You booked a flight, turned on the heat, forgot your reusable grocery bags at home. This is your fault.

As an environmental writer, I'm often asked for guidance on coping with climate change. I have thoughts. Even better, I have a five-point plan to manage the psychological toll of living with climate change and to become part of the solution:


The first step is a key to all the rest. Yes, our daily lives are undoubtedly contributing to climate change But that's because the rich and the powerful have constructed systems that make it nearly impossible to live lightly on earth.

Our economic system require most adults to work, and many of us must commute to work in or to cities intentionally designed to favor the automobile. Unsustainable food, clothes and other goods remain-cheaper than sustainable alternatives.

And yet we blame ourselves for not being green enough. As the climate essayist Mary Annaise Heglar writes, ''The belief that this enormous existential problem could have been fixed if all of us had tweaked our consumptive habits is not only preposterous; it's dangerous.''

It turns our eco-saints against eco-sinners, who are really just fellow victims. It misleads us into thinking that we have agency only by dint consumption habits - that buying correctly is the only way we can fight climate change.

As long as we are competing for the title of ''greener-than-thou'' or are paralyzed by shame, we aren't fighting the powerful companies and governments that are the real problem.

Each person in the United States emitted an average of 16-metric tons of energy-related carbon dioxide in 2018, according to the Energy Information Agency. The entire country emitted 5.28 billion metric tons of energy related carbon dioxide that year.


Even if we manage to zero-out our own contributions to climate change, it would be practically a full-time job, leaving us a little time or energy for pushing for the systemic changes we need.

And the avoided emissions would be tiny compared with the scale of the problem. Each person at the United States emitted n average of 16 metric tons energy-related carbon dioxide in 2018, according to the Energy Information Agency.

I have chosen to fight against a proposed gas pipeline, liquefaction facility and liquefied natural gas export terminal that the Canadian company Pembina wants to build in Oregon, where I live.

If built, the project would result in emissions of over 36.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. Some 42,000 people submitted comments to a state agency asking it to deny permits for the project.

If we manage to stop construction, each of these people could claim credit for preventing one-forty-two-thousandth of these emissions - some 876 metric tons per person! It would take 54 years of individual zero-carbon living to make the same dent.

My point is that the climate crisis is not going to be solved by personal sacrifice. It will be solved by electing the right people, passing the right laws, drafting the right regulations, signing the right treaties - and those treaties already signed, particularly with indigenous nations.

It will be solved by holding the companies and people who have made billions off our shared atmosphere to account.

Remember it is important for our mental health and motivation to have an image in mind of our goal : a realistically good future.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Climate Change, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Emma Marris.

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