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''DON'T CRY FOR ME - ARGENTINA- '' GOES the song from the old musical. Indeed, tears, drama and the nation of Argentina have been -

Inseparable since the life of Evita, as Eva Peron has known to her fans, became the subject of a hit Broadway show.

About three decades earlier, as Argentina's first lady, she wielded great public influence as a champion of the poor and as the fashionable wife of Gen Juan Domingo Peron, the president.

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WHEN VICTORY was declared on Oct 27 last, the twin 10-story monumental portrait of Eva Duarte de Peron that hovers above Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires were lit up against the night sky for the first-time since Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner left the presidency in 2015.

Under the Perons, polarization between supporters and opponents took hold of the country's political consciousness.

A similar divide opened up during Mrs. Kirchner's presidential tenure, from 2007 to 2015. It still dominates the national conversation today.

NOT since Evita has a woman held so much concentrated power for so long as - or become so entangled in the country's present - as Mrs. Kirchner.

The parallels are clear, and she does not shy away from drawing on them. Each woman started out as an ambitious, energetic first lady before rising to status alongside her husband.

For Mrs, Kirchner, whose husband and predecessor was Nestor Kirchner, politics was an intensely  personal journey, shaped both by those who support her and those who oppose her.

WHEN THE GRASS ROOTS women's rights movement Ni Uno Menos [Not One Less] started out in 2015 with huge street protests against the rise in gender related killings of women, Mrs. Kirchner was the sitting president.

She later wrote that she had seen Ni Una Menos as an opposition force, Then in 2018, apparently moved by the global hue and cry of both Ni Una Menos and the #MeToomovement, Mrs Macri opened up a national debate over a bill that would have allowed abortion.

This time, seemingly enthused by her role in the opposition, Mrs. Kirchner voted in favor of legalization.

The former president understands the dynamic of power like no one else in Argentina.

If Evita - whose untimely death from cancer added to her myth - was revered as a supporter of the downtrodden, Mrs. Kirchner crafts her allure as the resilient widow who survives it all : the death of Mr. Kirchner, the corruption charges, the growing list of traitors.

A master of theatrics much like Evita, Mrs. Kirchner has reinvented herself as an author.

It's a move that demonstrates how she considers her actions reflected in the mirror of history. Her book tour for ''Sinceramente'' was her recent campaign, and at these events she could be seen signing copies and speaking directly to her faithful followers.

Mrs. Kirchner world is faced by the fight between forces of evil and the guardians of the good. In her view, she is locked in a battle against legal overreach and her persecution in the courts.

In fighting the corruption investigations, she continues to paint herself as the champion of the people, a soldier of mythical status not unlike Evita herself.

In facing the many obstacles to her return to power, Mrs. Kirchner provided an answer to a pressing question in feminism today : What to do with men?

She has opted to turn her husband into a Peronist martyr.

In this respect, Mrs. Kirchner has followed the lead of Juan Peron, not Evita. Nestor Kirchner has been transformed into a quasi-religious figure - much like General Peron once transformed his own wife into an Icon - so that Mrs. Kirchner can get down to business.

It's her way of saying : Goodbye, Nestor. Now I rule. How long can the illusion last?

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