Headline, May 09 2019/ ''' STUDENTS! ''POVERTY'' SMASHING! '''



WITHOUT FEAR AND WITHOUT FAVOR : Lets do a quick emotion check up front.

The whole world should be ashamed of itself, -every single person- every single one of us, for what it has or has not done. Measured against what it could do.

WORRY feasts on solitary nation, on a solitary victim. When you ask others to participate in a  Question Burst, you engage mankind in the cause in a nonthreatening way. Truth or Fiction?

TRUE INSIGHTS HAS NO LIMITS - The World Students Society : for every subject in the world : www.wssciw.blogspot.com

WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO FIGHT POVERTY IN THE WORLD : Founder Framers, Students of this great nation America, neighboring India, Students of Proud Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Niger, Bolivia, Peru?....................

What awaits us in the future? re-cycled Pandemics, Meteors, Asteroids, Unemployment, Hopelessness, Helplessness? But then, ''Not all Questions are created equal''. 

Hear it : ''Dear The World Students Society''
Your World : Our Mission. How can The World Students Society fight poverty without adding complexity?

Brainstorming for questions rather than answers makes it easier to push past biases and venture into uncharted territory. It's time to be ourselves.

IDEA WATCH : Right up front and above, on  the homepage of the entire  world's master global publication Sam Daily Times : The Voice Of The Voiceless is the module named GID. Great Ideas Data base. None- not one idea came, from the students of the entire world.

With a heavy heart, I turn to smashing the finance patriarchy with memes. That's how poverty gets some if its front teeth broken,

Here then, is one great influencer who wants to demystify investment culture for millennials.

Just six months after joining Above Average, she said, Ms. Sacks was laid off. At that point she also had a baseline understanding of investments, thanks to Google.

She decided to create a digital brand, of her own, based on her research, which she thought could be a more stable source of income than the patchwork of jobs, she'd had in her early 20s.

''When I got dumped by Above Average, I never wanted to put my financial well-being into anyone else's hands again,'' ms. Sacks said. ''I didn't want to have to rely on companies, or a brand that could cut the cord on me.''

She uses the family's background as a teaching tool as well. She thinks it's this outsider's view on the inside that helps giver her an edge. In a recent video she details ''rules only rich people know'' about money.

My goal is to create inclusivity,'' she said.  ''If I grew up so close to the world and still feel marginalized, think how much worse it is for everyone else.''

So she registered the handle @Mrs.DowJones and began racking up following with posts written not in jargon, but ''in the language I spoke,'' she said. ''That meant a lot of humor and Kardashian references.

In two years since she introduced her brand, Ms. Sacks has founded a successful finance-related  books club, newsletter where she shares finance tips and news, and merchandise line, where she peddles merchandise such as J.P. Sonja Morgan hats and ''I miss Janet Yellen'' pullovers.

She monetizes her social channels through branded content deals. Last year, Ms. Sacks also began hosting monthly sponsored events for her followers where finance figures like Sallie Krawcheck, a former executive at Bank of America, and Bradley Tusk, a venture capitalist, spoke about their books and financial careers.

Ms. Sacks said it's not just women she wants to help, but everyone who has been shut out of careers in finance and conversations about wealth creation.

Though she has made a name for herself by eschewing finance, talking to some of her fans, has convinced her to incorporate more basic money management tips into the posts.

Many of her followers struggle with ''student debt'' and, like many Americans, don't have the disposable income to play in the stock market.

''What I realized is that I was talking so much about investing, but you can't talk about investing until people have money saved,'' Ms. Sacks said.

''So, I had to take a few steps back and be like. 'O.K. let me get my audience out of debt real quick, then we'll hop back into things after they have a savings.''

In 2020, she plans to release a curriculum covering the basic of personal finance.

That doesn't mean she's abandoning her brand's roots.
''I m not here to defend Wall Street,'' she said, ''but I'm here to bridge the gap so people don't feel excluded.

Wall Street makes people feel like outsiders. They have their own uniform, they have their own language they speak, they have specific places they hang out, publications they read.

They've created a word for themselves, that feels exclusive. We can get into the nitty gritty of, 'they're evil, they hurt us,' but I think no matter what, let's give you the skills and the confidence to play in their field.''

With respectful dedication to Mankind, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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Good Night and God Bless

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