Headline, May 06 2019/ ''' ''EVOLUTIONARY STUDENTS ENUMERATION'' '''


ON THE WORLD  STUDENTS SOCIETY  - SO FAR ..................  
Only ''three life long memberships'' have been bestowed with greatest respects and highest of ovations:

President Donald J. Trump of this great nation America, Prime Minister Jacinda  Ardern of New Zealand and The World's Greatest Newspaper :  The New York Times.

The World Students Society rises to give these great illuminations, a standing ovation, and assure them of our every good wishes and prayers, for the well-being of Mankind.

And with that I request the students of America and New Zealand to ensure that all so named, stand informed.   

EMBARK : THE BIG IDEA : ALL READY FOR THE CLOSE-UP THEN? : The World Students Society - for every subject in the world.

MARK MY WORDS, MODI JEE, SIR : NEIGHBOR, INDIA will change and O''Captain, Sir, but then, so will Proud Pakistan, and the region, and the continents, and the world, and the practices, and the ethics, and the din and the survival.

PANDEMICS - EPIDEMICS - AND SUCH : are also how the evolutionary processes, stir, get kick-started, and begin further ascent.


Great Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Shahzaib, Vishnu, Salar, Haider  Hussain, Armeen, Ali, Jordan, Bilal, Aqsa, Hamza, Zaeem, Danyial, Zilli, Juniper,  Anique, Reza/Canada, Little Angels Mynah, Haanyia. Merium, Eden, Sofia, and the students of the entire world, just a pile of genes?  

TECHNICALLY, YES! But embedded within your genome, there are many potential versions of you.

The person you see in the mirror is just one of them, fished out by the unique things you've been exposed to since conception. The new science of  epigenetics is the study of how chemical changes made to DNA, or proteins that interact with DNA, can effect gene activity.

DNA can be modified by environmental factors in ways that can profoundly affect development and behavior. Recently, it's also been shown that the microbes in your body - aka your microbiome - can be a significant environmental factor that affects myriad behavior, from overeating to depression. 

In sum, we are our genes - but our genes cannot be evaluated outside outside the context of our environment. Genes are the piano keys, but the environment plays the song.

EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGISTS remind us that at our very core, virtually everything we do emerges from a sub-conscious urge to survive and reproduce our genes, or lend support to others [such as family] who carry genes like our own.

They further postulate that many of the physical traits that we consider attractive are signs of physical health and fitness - in other words, good genes to let swim in our pool.

SPLENDID RESEARCH has shown that certain areas in the bran are different for Liberals and Conservatives, and this may affect how they respond to a stressful stimuli. For example :

Conservatives tend to have a large amygdala, the fear center of the brain, and have stronger physiological reactions to unpleasant photos and sounds. 

Considered together, these biological differences may partially explain why it's so difficult for a liberal or conservative to get the other to ''see the light.'' You're asking people not just to change their mind but to resist their biology. 

And for great humor, do reflect, how Science has also provided a little comfort as to why your amorous advances are sometimes spurned. 

A famous study had women sniffing the underarms of T-shirts worn by men and then raking the odor. The more similar the men's and women's immune system were genes were, the worse the T-shirt stank to the women.

There is a good and sound evolutionary explanation for this : If parental immune genes are too similar, the offspring will not be as well equipped to fight pathogens.

In this case, genes used odor receptors as a proxy to size up whether potential mate's DNA is a good match. 

Studies like this affirm that chemistry between people is really a thing. Perhaps we should not take another another's romantic disinterest personally but view it more like organ rejection.

Somewhat distressed at the level of control genes seem to exert over our choices in life, I investigated an area that I was sure would be impervious to the reach of DNA, our taste in political leaders.

It's easy to imagine genes playing a role in whether someone is right-or left-handed, but whether a person leans politically to the right or left? I thought not. Yet as unlikely as it seems, the votes are in, and DNA has scored another victory.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Genes and Makings, continues.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. 

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Good Night and God Bless

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