Headline, May 04 2019/ ''' '' TASTE : TIMES - TRUTH '' '''

''' '' TASTE : TIMES - TRUTH '' '''

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So, if anything, the pandemic has shown you, the road to hell!

''YOU ARE ALL JUST A PILE OF GENES? SCIENCE has shown that you are not who you think you are. There are biological gremlins driving every action and personality trait that you assumed were of your own volition. And in that focus and context...........

THERE MAY BE NOTHING MORE SELF-DEFINING than our tastes. Whether in food, wine, friends, romantic partners, or political candidates, our tastes represent our identity.

So it made sense to me that my likes and dislikes were formed through careful deliberation and rationale decision-making - that is, through choices where I wielded some control.

Then I became acquainted with Toxoplasma gondit. In my research at the Indiana University School of Medicine, I observed how the single-celled T.gondii parasite can change the behavior of the host it infects.

It can make rats unafraid of cats, and some studies show that it may cause personality changes [such as increased anxiety] in humans.

These studies made me wonder if there are other things happening under our radar that could be shaping who we are, programming our likes and dislikes. As I dug into scientific literature, I hit upon this astonishing and unsettling truth:

Our actions are governed by hidden biological forces - which is to say that we have little or no control over our personal tastes.

Our behaviors and preferences are profoundly influenced by our genetic makeup, by factors in our environment that affect our genes, and by other genes forced into our systems by the innumerable  microbes that dwell inside us.

I realize that this sounds ridiculous. We're taught that we can be whatever we want to be, do whatever we want to do. Intuitively it feels like we pick and choose the foods we like, who we give our heart to, or which button we press at in the voting both.

To suggest that we are just meat robots under the influence of unseen forces, is crazy talk.

Several years ago I would have agreed, But after being grilled at one too many cookouts as to why I don't like many of the vegetables that most people find enjoyable, I felt like something was wrong with me.

I am green with envy watching people willingly eat things like broccoli, because if someone tried to pass it to me, my body recoils in horror. Why don't I relish broccoli? 

I wasn't choosing to hate these vegetables, so I set out to learn what could explain my aversion. Luckily, science was on the case, Researchers have found that about 25 percent of people might hate broccoli for the same reason I do.

These people - my people - are called supertasters. We have variations in genes that build our taste bud receptors. One of these genes, TAS2R38, recognizes bitter chemicals like thioureas, which are plentiful in broccoli.

My DNA gives me taste bud receptors that register thiourea compounds as revoltingly bitter.

This may be DNA's way of deterring me from eating harmful plants. It's clearly the reason that, as television's Senfeld character said of his frenemy Newman, I wouldn't eat broccoli if it were deep fried in chocolate sauce.

THE EXPLANATION of why I hate broccoli is both vindicating and disturbing. I am relieved that my distaste for cruciferous vegetables is not my fault - I did not get to go  gene  shopping before I was conceived.

But the relief soon turns to alarm as I wonder :
What other things that define who I am are beyond my command? How much of me is really due to me?

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