WITH just a few months left for before the Tokyo Olympics, The governing body for gymnasts in the United States has proposed a multimillion dollar legal settlement to close a dark and painful chapter in which hundreds of gymnasts were sexually assaulted by a former team doctor.

Simon Biles, the most decorated gymnast in the sport, is not having it.

Nor are Aly Ratsman, another Olympic gold medalist, and other victims who in recent days have publicly demanded answers, yet again, to how the doctor, Lawrence, G. Nassar, could molest hundreds hundreds of girls and women on the watch of U.S.A. Gymnastics, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and so many coaches, charged, in part, with keeping them safe.

''They're just trying to push it under the rug and hoping people forget about it when people watch the Olympics this summer.'' Raisman said one recent Monday on the ''Today'' show on NBC, which is to broadcast the Tokyo Games.

Raisman also accused Olympic organization of cover-up, though she did not say what exactly, was being covered up, because she said she did not have enough information.

And that lack of information is the crux of the problem.

Details of U.S.A. Gymnasts $217 million settlement offer became public last month and include an offer that releases from liability various entities and people involved in the case, including the U.S.Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the former national team coordinators, Marta and Bela Karolyi.

The proposed payouts to to Nassar's 600-plus victims range from $82, 550 to $1.25 million, with the highest tier pf payouts going to gymnasts molested at the Olympics or world championships.

Yet the offer does not appear to require Olympic or gymnastic officials to disclose any more information that might shed light on how Nassar could assault so many people without the kind of oversight that could have stopped him.

John Manly, a lawyer who represents Biles, Raisman and other victims called that unacceptable.

The World Students Society thanks author Juliet Macur.


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