BEING under a lockdown is the ideal time for us to not just take care of your existing spaces but also develop habits that ensure a healthy environment in our houses.

And we all know the importance of that nowadays, more than ever.

Every one's living space is different There are some aspects that you can't control, but you can make a few easy tweaks that can help improve the health of your home. Maintaining a healthy space as hard as it may seem when you have 101 tasks lined up for the day. But now, being at home means you can nurture your surroundings and train yourself to stick to healthy habits.

As compiled from Bustle, here are some simple, doable things you can do ensure a healthy, rewarding environment in your home.

1.- It's a proven fact that getting things organised around is a great stress-reliever. It's no surprise then that de-clutter ing can add tonnes of fell-good aura to. Be it your closet, or that book shelf, or even your pantry, get sorting.

Use air purifier
2.- Breathing in clean air will automatically boost overall health.''Most recently, fine particulate matter has been linked to not only lung tissues but heart disease. Investing in a state-of- the art air purifier can help mitigate the risk, although sometimes the particles are too small to be filtered out,'' says Eric Stair, MD, MPH.

Get dusting
3.- Your house can gather dust in places you probably can't or haven't reached but chronic exposure to dust mites cab can cause allergies and asthma, according to American Lung Association, so it's important to get rid of it timely.
Dry dusting can kick dust particles into the air you breathe. Instead, use a wet mop on uncarpeted floor, microfiber or moist towels on furniture and your vacuum cleaner on carpets instead.

Add more plants
4.- Houseplants do not get enough recognition for all the benefits they can provide to the mind, body and soul. They remove toxins from air and lower the amount of dust that accumulates, release oxygen and humidify the air, and even lower stress. If you don't have a lot of space, you can reserve one spot and turn into an indoor garden.

Control the light
5.- Sunlight is super important because it improves our mental and physical health and the production serotonin [the happy hormone]! However, controlling light is very important for sound sleep.

 ''Light pollution significantly interferes with sleep. If you live in a city environment, get shades, get an eye mask and do whatever it takes to block out the light.'' says Stair. Open up those curtains but also remember to draw them when needed!

The World Students Society thanks News Desk/ The Express Tribune.


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