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THE SAM WIN : AND THEN OVER these very recent times, say over some years, these stunningly brilliant engineers, the 'Founder Framers', understood every discipline, science and arts.

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The Rights World's Honor, helped position, The World Students Society to become more than a metaphor for the great challenges that lye ahead for Mankind

Great and Fair Leaders, will forever rise, in the glorious future ahead, to remember, and give these great, brave heroes, a standing ovation as The World Students Society, for every subject in the world, begins its ascent, tiny stroke by tiny stroke, to build a better world.

THE TERM ''bird's nest'' has come to describe a messy hairdo, tangled fishing line and other very knotty conundrums. Nut that does birds an injustice.

Their tiny brains, dense with neurons, produce marvels that have long captured scientists interest in naturally selected engineering solutions - yet nests are still not well understood.

One effort to disentangle the structural dynamics of the nest is underway in the sunny yellow lab - the Mechanical Biomimetics and Open Design Lab - of Hunter King, an experimental soft-matter physicist at the University of Akron in Ohio.

''We hypothesize that a bird nest might effectively be a disordered stick bomb, with just enough stored energy to keep it rigid,'' Dr. King said.

He is the principal investigator of an ongoing study, with a preliminary review paper, ''Mechanics of Randomly Packed Filaments - The 'Bird Nest' as Meta-Material,'' recently published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Dr. King and his colleagues seek to answer simple questions :
What is the underlying mechanical principle behind the bird's nest construction strategy? What are the statistically robust characteristics of ''the nest stage''?. That is to say, what separates a nest from same sticks and twigs collected into a tight bundle or scattered?

''Birds perform what I've been calling ''mechanical synthesis'' Dr King said. ''Whereas, on a molecular scale, a chemist will synthesize polymers of varying length or stiffness in anticipation of bulk mechanical properties, the bird chooses skinny elements from its environment, with some selection criteria in expectation of nest performance.''

A nest has a certain chemistry - from humble parts, a greater sum emerges and coheres. And, presumably, its generic principle would be widely applicable to structures in architecture, packaging, shock absorption and more.

For the study's nest-building protagonist, Dr. King chose the cardinal, because in building her nest she just shoves sticks together; the robin complicates matters with mud.

As Dr. King and his collaborators wrote in the proposal than won them a grant from the National Science Foundation:

''When a cardinal builds her iconic cup nest, she uses her own body as template and molds thin twigs, grass strands, and bark strips into a structure that, despite its softness, reliably builds its shape against various mechanical perturbations.''

In modeling the delicate interplay of the nest geometry, elasticity and friction, Dr. King and a graduate assistant, Nicholas Weiner, fashioned a tabletop experiment with ''a little bit of a  steam punk style.''

They built an artificial nest : a cylinder containing hundreds of bamboo skewers, laser cut and bought in bulk. Then around it they created a chamber to measure the response of the nest when it was repeatedly compressed.

Although the goal is simple, Dr. king calls the experiment ''ugly'' because the rich system has many factors at play. ''This makes the problem not easily amenable to elegant theory or simple analysis.'' he said.

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