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MEDICAL MISINFORMATION ON THE coronavirus has been driven by ideologues who distrust  science and by profiteers.

Examples abound. Infowars, the far right website that purveys conspiracy theories and fake news, and others are now banned on several leading social media sites but are still advertising pseudo-scientific remedies directly through their own shops.

An early distortion of the coronavirus news appeared in an infowar video on Jan 22 - claiming that the virus could be part of some manufactured plot to thin the population.

GOOGLE introduced what it calls an ''SOS Alert,'' which directs people who search for  ''coronavirus'' to news and other information from the W.H.O., including to the organization's Twitter account; that was expanded just recently to include information in not just English, but also French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

The W.H.O. has also worked with the popular Chinese social media app WeChat to add a news feed featuring correct information, translated into the Chinese by the W.H.O.

Despite the efforts, hundreds of thousands of people have consumed dozens of documented falsehoods about the coronavirus on these platforms and others, including Reddit and the Chinese social media platform TikTok, as well as numerous smaller websites.

On TikTok there are several videos featuring the Gates conspiracy that had been viewed over  160,000 times and have since been taken down.

The grounds for such misinformation is fertile, experts said.

Sarah E. Kreps professor of government at Cornell University, considers the people deliberately spreading distortions to be practitioners of ''algorithmic capitalism,'' in which people scare up traffic and sell against it.'' 

''The globalists and the deep state have declared war on humaity,'' a host on the video said. ''They hate human life. This is why they kill babies.''

Next to the box in which the video appears is an advertisement for an immune gargle product that, the ad claims, ''is designed to support your immune system like no other,'' and that is ''scientifically proven.''

''They liken big pharma to drug pushers,'' she continued, ''and then tell you how their mushroom or oil is their approach to haling.''

Experts said the cooperation between the W.H.O. and major websites is a significant change in efforts to stop misinformation. Internet companies have been pilloried for their role as sources of disinformation and for turning a blind eye to the spread of political lies.

The effort led by the W.H.O ''is very new,'' said Danny Rogers, who teaches about disinformation and narrative warfare at the New York University Center for Global Affairs is also the chief technology officer of the Global Disinformation Index, which tracks misinformation activity online.

Mr. Rogers said that dealing with the coronavirus maybe easier to address than political disinformation because it doesn't have partisan or clear ideological strains.

''The coronavirus is not a voting or a paying constituency,'' Mr. Rogers said. ''We're all united against people getting sick.

At the same time, he said, the coordination around coronavirus underscores the reality that social media does have the power to take on falsehoods.

''It proves that when platforms do choose to act, they can be very influential,'' he said.

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