Headline, April 29 2019/ ''' '' RUSSIA'S GREAT RENOWN '' '''


WITHIN LIVING MEMORY : RUSSIA WAS A HOPELESS MESS, its economy blighted by a  post-Soviet collapse worse than the Great Depression in the United States.

Its military so feeble that it had lost a war in tiny Chechnya, its population so disillusioned with Mr. Yeltsin's promises of a new capitalist dawn that it had elected a parliament filled with Communists, cranks, crypto-fascists.

Over the 20 years plus or so, Russia has grown in everyone's memory and understanding as a true giant, featuring Mr. Putin's rule : his ability to present himself and his country as standing far taller than objectives would seem to justify.

PRESIDENT V. VLADIMIR PUTIN acknowledged in one interview with the film director Oliver Stone : ''The question is not about having much power,'' he said. ''It's about using the power you have in the right way.''

Mr. Putin has harnessed Russian patriotism, which he described in his recent year-end news conference as ''the only possible ideology in modern, democratic society,'' to achieve some real results, notably curbing the disorder of the Yeltsin era, along with the freedoms.

He crushed a rebellion in Chechnya, which he visited just hours after taking office in a show of can-do-bravado, modernized the armed forces and reined in - driving into exile, jailing or simply terrifying - the oligarchs who, under Mr. Yeltsin, had done so much to discredit capitalism and democracy. He has nurtured a new clique of obedient oligarchs loyal to the Kremlin.

''The Ideology Of The Future" : Russia's economy is dwarfed by that of America's, which is more than 10 times bigger in dollar terms; it is too small to make even a list of the top 10, and it grew by around just 1 percent last year.

Nor does Russia pack much cultural punch beyond its borders, despite excelling in classical music, ballet and many other arts. South Korea thanks to K-pop and its movies, has more reach.

Yet, Russia has become lodestar for autocrats and aspiring autocrats around the world, a pioneer of the media and other tools - known in Russia as ''political technologies'' - that these leaders now deploy, with or without Moscow's help, to disrupt a world order once dominated by the United States.

Whatever its problem Mr. Surkov, the Kremlin adviser, said, Russia has created ''the ideology of the future'' by dispensing with the ''Illusion of Choice'' offered by the West and rooting itself in the will of a single leader capable of swiftly making the choices without constraint.

The temptations of authoritarianism a la Russe have found fertile ground in countries that had long saw themselves as bastion of Western values like Hungary and Poland, and that long history of hostility toward Moscow. They have seduced voters elsewhere in Europe, too, and also in parts of the United States.

Gleb Pavlovsky, a political scientist who has worked more than a decade as a Kremlin adviser, said he was stunned during a recent trip to Western Europe to have people tell him ''how lucky we are in Russia to have such a brilliant and strong president.''

Heartened by the shifting winds in Russia's direction, and his own, in an interview with The Financial Times. he pronounced dead the West's governing creed since the end of World War II.

The ideology of liberal democracy, he said, ''has outlived its purpose.''

Bitterly disillusioned with the West on security issues, in 2007 Mr. Putin delivered a speech in Munich bristling with resentment and anger at American unilateralism and disregard for Russian opposition to the expansion of NATO :

''They bring us to the abyss of one conflict after another,'' he said, creating such insecurity that nobody is safe.''

But the real turning point, said Mr. Pavlovsky, who was then working in the Kremlin, came a year later with the meltdown of global financial systems.

''For Putin that was a decisive threshold,'' he said. ''Before this he was orientated towards America.

Yes, he disliked in the extreme what the Americans were doing around the world, but all the same he saw America as the strongest economy that runs the world economic system.

Suddenly it turned out. No, they are not running anything.

This, Mr. Pavlovsky said, ''was the moment of truth,'' when all the old norms vanished.

Since then, he said, Russia has set about creating its own norms.

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