Headline, April 26 2019/ ''' '' PROUD PAKISTAN PRAYS '' ''' : PREENING



THE BELIEVERS : THEIR FACES frozen in sufferings and melancholy, wept : 'Begging mercy for  Mankind!' : For the great nation of America, Europe, China, U.K. and the entire world.

The Friday Prayers bore every single mark and emotion of These very Tragic Times as the blessings of Ramadan dawned .

Proud Pakistan awoke and stirred with a stabbing pain to its heart. For a moment I did not know where the hell I was. Then I remembered, veered, and headed up the stony path, to pay respects to my host, The Patron Saint, Bari Imam.

Not very far, from my ground coordinates, the great man : O'' Captain Imran Khan, too, would be in  introspection and prayers.
Having survived, many mishaps, in the run up, with the help of some very blessed miracles.

Being a thinking leader, he stays very conscious of the time allotted to mortals. But he now, also has the splendid, spiritual, Sikh community, praying for his well-being, praying for Pakistan.

This is the stuff, that the Prime Minister of Pakistan is made of. Imran Khan, I must inform you all,  has solid steel for guts. I speak only the utter truth to you all :

When faced with morality and pragmatism, Modi Jee, got misguided. Like many Leaders in the world, he went about executing on the sordid paths of illusions : by adding, yet more levels of complexity to the problems. With the hope that a solution or solutions, would emerge.

If History and Mankind are any guide, Time is a great leveler. In such a case, you do get an edge over status quo in tactics, skirmishes, and battles. But in the long run, in the World's War for justice,  you lose. You lose big time.

What he tackled was an Absurdist Sagery. ''Modi Jee, we test that?''

Engagement is the Key : ONLY five to seven per cent of all the children enrolled in schools in Pakistan make it to a university level.
It cannot be very different for India.

So, we are really talking only of a fairly selected group of students - young people who will most likely go on to take over a lot of the more important administrative, political and economic positions in the country over the next couple of decades.

They are the next generation of our doctors, lawyers, engineers, academics and administrators. But we do not want them to be involved in governance and other issues while they are in universities.

We do not think they can run  their own clubs, manage their own debates and conversations, think on their own, and question what they are being taught and how they are being taught.

I have been teaching economics and education courses for a long time now. One of the struggles in every course I have taught over two decades has been to figure out ways in which to engage students. I have probably failed more often than I have succeeded.

Our school system teaches students to do well in examinations, but it does not teach them to    engage with the material they read, understand it and grapple with its meaning in their lives.

It does not ask students to internalize what they read so that they can then use it to make sense of the world we live in. This is the struggle.

What is the point in reading economics or philosophy if it is not going to change the way we as an individual understands the world and/or engages with it?

What is the point of education if it does not equip individuals with the ability to question the status quo - to make them own it if they understand and agree with it, or make them want to change it, if they do not?

But we do not give the students these opportunities, and this denial is by design. We shut them out.

The fear is so high that even in institutions designed to engage young people i.e universities we ensure that they are not involved in any decision-making process.

How are the youth expected to lead if we do not let them?

The World Students Society thanks author : Dr. Faisal Bari - a senior research fellow at the Institute of Development Economic Alternatives, and an associate professor of economics at LUMS.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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Good Night and God Bless

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