Headline, April 25 2019/ HOLLYWOOD : ''' '' WOMEN MOTHERS WONDER '' '''



FILMS AND TV HAVE BEGUN EXPLORING, not ignoring, the beautiful lives of characters over 50.

THE ACTRESS PATRICIA ARQUETTE began her Emmy acceptance speech last September this way : ''I am grateful at 50 to be getting the best parts of my life.''.

A few months earlier, the 50-year-old actress Patricia Clarkson [''Sharp Objects''] said as much on the podcast ''WTF'' :
''I'm one of the many women who are late 40s, 50s and 60s - we're having a bit of heyday now. We have jobs. We have people who want to hire us and hire us often.''

Hollywood often works hard to convince us that older-women aren't appealing, that they are boring and, worse, that they don't really exist, with considerably more opportunities, afforded to their male counterparts.

But that might be changing. In 2018, 11 of 100 top grossing movies starred or co-starred women who were 45 or older, according to a recent University of Southern California study. In 2017, it was just 5 movies.

Even measured against an already low bar in the movie industry - where female-led films about women's lives often struggle to get off the ground - this does signal progress.

What's more, at a time when there are more American women over 50 live today than any point in history, several movies last year zeroed in on their experiences.

There were releases that appealed to a mainstream audience`like ''Otherhood'', ''Juanita'' and the unfortunate example of what not to do with such women, ''Poms''.

These middle-of-the-road titles tended to attack head-on-society's longstanding indifference toward older women, sometimes overdoing it with an obvious rush to immediately hook the audience lest they grow, well, indifferent.

But there were also indie films like ''Clemency,'' ''Gloria Bell,'' ''Frankie,'' ''And the Birds Rained Down'' and ''Diane'' that found room for bolder storytelling that was as subtle as it was confident.

Some of these films found large audiences. IF WE CAN GO BY NETFLIX'S REPORT that it's original comedy ''Otherhood'' was streamed by 29 million accounts in its first month of release, that tale of three empty masters were among the service's most popular movies of 2019.

When their grown sons drop the ball on Mother's Day, three mothers [Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette and Felicity Huffman] take road trip to New York City to rebuke them.

The movie is both heartwarming and grating in its cliches - like the stereotypical emotionally smothering Jewish [Arqette's character breaks into her son's apartment when he's not home].

But it's also an earnest look at a story we rarely see how mother's can reinvent themselves and their relationships with their adult children for the better.

The real prize is that we also get to see the classically trained dramatic actress Angela Basett, 61, play silly for once [crashing a party, drunkenly oversharing with strangers and throwing a bit of shade at at a white hairdresser].

Arquette and 57-year-old Huffman hold their own, too with a similarly refreshing playfulness that feels altogether new for these veterans.

[It's worth noting that ''Otherhood'' took a decade to get made. The film's director and co-writer, Cindy Chupack, and the producer Cathy Schulman have said the project stalled at three different studios and was the subject of unsuccessful foreign financing push.

''It was such an uphill battle to convince men why women were worth that amount,'' Chupack told  Wrap Power Women Summit in Los Angeles in October.

This despite evidence that a somewhat similar comedy, ''Book Club,'' starring Jane Fonda, Diane Keatoon, Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen, made an impressive $104 million worldwide in 2018.]

Systematic change proceeds at snail place in Hollywood, that films about women we've too often ignored are getting made and finding audiences is no small matter.

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