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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY  is the world's premier Guardian of  Humanity, Mankind,  Freedom, Justice, Dignity,  Love and Worship in the world.

The Great Students of the world have very little tolerance for War. Pollution, Extremism, and for every ill and evil in the world. The ultimate power lies with the people of the world. Leaders come and Go.

THE WORLD AS !WOW! SEES IT : RISES to bow its head before Almighty God and pray for Mercy for entire Mankind.

MARK MY WORDS : There are very grave problems much deeper that just cannot be addressed only by the Leaders of the world.

THE STARK TRUTH IS THAT FROSTY TIES between Pakistan and India are a matter of very great concern for Students and People of Pakistan and India.

Primarily because of the fact that the two-nuclear-armed neighbors locking horns spells a disaster for the entire region and a very imminent threat to world peace.

O''Captain has made publicly several peace gestures and overtures to its eastern neighbor, but those have nearly all gone answered.

The Students and People of India, know just too well the Franco-German example - mortal enemies during the Second World War - managed to move beyond a bloody history and create a close relationship under the EU umbrella.

ENGAGEMENT IS KEY : If there are no opportunities for the youth of India and Pakistan and the entire Developing World, how can they become leaders of tomorrow? How can they help build a great world?

Take this example : One of the key findings of the UNDP Pakistan's National Human Development Report 2017 was that Pakistan youth are deeply concerned and troubled about their futures.

Education opportunities, especially the ability to have second chances to complete their education,  employment, opportunities, avenues for career growth, and having the opportunity to make a good life for themselves and their families.

But it was also clear [from both the surveys that we did for the report and from the many focus group discussions we had with students from across Pakistan] that they were not particularly hopeful that they would get the opportunities that they needed and wanted.

They did not think that society were geared to provide such opportunities to them. They did not have a high level of trust in most state institutions, and did not feel very connected to the institution and society.

One of the major sections of the report was on youth ''engagement'' :
how to think about youth involvement in the socioeconomic and political life of the country .

It was clear, from the empirical data, that bulk of the youth across the country and across socioeconomic and political divides, was not 'engaged' with state and society and did not feel that they had the opportunities to be so 'engaged'.

In fact, many felt that attempts at creating engagement would be futile as state and society would not be open to such intrusion. The same, and even more, holds good for India.

So, as we go forward to build the environment for the Global Elections, here is the other component of the Tech that will invade your lives as a Master Tool:


We have rushed headlong into the streaming era, and that will only continue.

In 2019, Netflix was the most watched service in the United States, with people spending an average of 23 minutes a day streaming its content, according to eMarketer, the research firm.

In all, digital video made up about a quarter of the daily time spent on digital  devices last year, which included time spent on apps with and web browsers.

Netflix's share of the overall time was spend watching video on devices will probably decline in 2020, according to eMarketer, because of the arrival of competing services like  Disney Plus, HBO Max and Apple TV Plus.

''Even though Americans are spending more time watching Netflix, people's attention will become more divided as new streamers emerge,'' Ross Benes, an analyst at eMarketer, said in a blog post.

So if you don't like the Mandalorian, ''The Morning Show'' or ''Watchmen,'' you won't change the channel. You will switch to a different app.

As !WOW! sees it, the students now have the power to raise awareness of the threats facing entire mankind. That would help us make the world a better place.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on World, Elections and Tech Fix, continues. The World Students Society thanks Dr. Faisal Bari - a senior research fellow at the Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives and an associate professor of economics at LUMS.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and  Teachers of the world.

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