Headline, April 17 2019/ ''' '' HISTORY'S : STUDENTS HIDEAWAY '' '''

''' '' HISTORY'S : 


WITH ALMIGHTY GOD'S BLESSINGS : AHEAD OF THE GAME and very conscious : Never To Be Outpaced.

HOW THE WORLD fairs and fares in the years ahead, will entirely depend on the lessons the students have learnt from Nature, Covid-19 and History.

NOW MANY MANY SUFFERING MONTHS AGO : NARENDRA MODI, India's prime minister, utterly and boldly scrapped seven decades of legal precedent.

Voiding Jammu and Kashmir's semi-autonomous status, his government abolished its legislature, sliced the state in two and demoted new parts to ''union territories'', subject to direct rule by the national government in Delhi.

All this was done without the concurrence, consultation or recommendation of the people of that state. Such dodges work only with the connivance of the courts, and History.

THE HEROES : The Founder Framers of The World Students Society and great and fair students the world over, soon discerned a bitter lesson of history :

Far from being able to master events or even our own desires, events and desires will sooner or later master us.

Since the election of Donald Trump, commentators have rummaged through the past to make to  make sense of the present and predictions about the future.

They are preoccupied, in a word, by precedent. At the heart of any precedent is the belief that once acknowledged, it is actionable.

A historical precedent offers not only a pattern but also a promise. We are assured by a rule - given what has preceded - and reassured by a pledge if we act rightly, 'we will be around to act again'.

The Athenian writer Thucydides is often considered the father of scientific or objective history - the sort of history in other words, pregnant with precedent.

Modern scholars have described Thucydides account of the decades-long Peloponessian War between Athens and Sparta towards the end of the fifth century B.C.E. - a struggle that ultimately spoiled the decline and fall of both city-states - as a model of realism.

Not only did the Thucydides tell it like it was, but his telling also served as a blueprint for our own time.

The relevance of Thucydides seemed particularly great at the arrival of the Cold War. What better reflection of the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union than that between Athens and Sparta?

In one corner, a maritime and open society; in the other corner, a landlocked and closed society.

In 1947, Secretary of State George Marshall claimed that Thucydides history offered the means to think ''with full wisdom and deep convictions'' about current affairs. A half a century later, the political theorist Graham Allison argued in an article that we still live in a world according to Thucydides, but with China now taking the role of Communist Russia.

Two decades later, in his 2017 book ''Destined For War : Can America and China Escape Thucydides Trap?.'' Allison asserts that the Greek historian provides a timeless rule - a war is more likely than not when a rising power challenges an established power.

Allison thus seems to suggest the existence of apparently unchanging laws, first revealed by Thucydides, that - like Newton's laws for physical matter - govern relations between great powers regardless of place and time.

Is it possible that the real trap, though, is the still widely unquestioned assumption that Thucydides was a political realist? That if he does offer lessons, they are not found in the study of international relations but in the study of human nature?

That his brand of realism has little to do with the work of modern political theorists and and much to do with the work of ancient tragedians?

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on History and Lessons and Future, continues.

The World Students Society thanks ''The Economist'' and Professor Roberrt Zaaretsky, University of Houston and the author of a forthcoming book on the French Thinker Simone Weil.

With respectful dedication to History, People of India, Kashmir, Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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