Headline, April 09 2019/ STUDENTS : ''' '' STAR SUM SHOW '' '''


''' '' STAR SUM SHOW '' '''

And when the quarantine ends, don't forget to thank The World Students Society for bringing all the sunlight, love and care in your lives.

Grab the opportunity and join up : The Ecosystem 2011 : For every subject in the world,

LET'S JUST call him FR, to begin with; and I give you my judgment : YOU all will soon see, FR,    turn into a world class content and script writer. 

I give him a Blank Canvas and ''I task him and his team'' to set up an online ''World Class Show''.

First Season Episode :
''Well, Are You OK?'' The Master Show will Bee in English and I will help and act all the way through. The Show must Star the Founder Framers from the whole world.

That's the base line. All revenues from sponsors and the world, will and must, to the last dime, go to  the students for education and welfare.

And with that I rise, applaud and thank Imran Khan, family, all the Little Angels, - World and Europe for the idea, support, grace and honors.

THE GREAT NEW YORK TIMES has published its popular 36 hours column for nearly 20 years, helping readers plan weekends in far-flung destinations all over the world.

For many, and even most of us over the past month, grand plans have shrunk down to small ones, as have the physical spaces we occupy.

While many can't travel for pleasure right now, the spirit of travel - our curiosity, empathy and sense of adventure - can't be confined.

With all of this in mind, and to continue our 36 Hours column, the NYT called out to readers for ideas of what people could do over a weekend, where they are [even if they are homebound, that embraced the ethos of travel.

The NYT received [and read] more than 1,400 submission from around the world:

Happy Hour
Make a plan to meet your neighbors at a distance - each of you bringing your respective libation - and yell across the fence, from your fire escape, across the street or out your your window about how much you'd rather be enjoying that same drink at some chic bar. [Kai Romero, San Francisco].

Be Isolated together :
Check on neighbors with an email, text or call, or leave a card with your name and contact information. Are you OK? Do they need something from the store? Help with an errand? Food? Can you bring them home-baked bread?

This simple act - done carefully and from a safe distance - reduces our sense of fear and isolation. I've seen the faces of some neighbors for the first time. Now they wave. [Jim Carrier, Burlington, Vt].

Real Life Escapes
Start a journal. Use any medium, just do it. Write down your thoughts, what you're doing in a day, who you're [virtually] talking  to, what you're eating, how you're coping. Journals and diaries are crucial to historians trying to understand the past - became part of history by writing down your experience [Lauren Gray, Lawrence, Kan].

Watch the film ''Before Sunrise'' by Richard Linklater. The movie is about the spontaneity of travel, the thrill of connecting with someone with another part of the world, and the deep conversation that are only had while on the road. It is such a timeless rewatch,too. [Steven Filie, Chicago].

Take in the universe. The space shuttle flew over Portland, on the clear night and we had six minutes of watching it stream across the sky. Go to NASA's Spot the Station website to see if there is any observation coming your way. [Sue Srater, Portland, Ore].

Flavor country :
Cook your way through a cuisine and share the experience. I am Turkish, my roommate is Armenian, and we're both from Istanbul. We're sharing recipes from an old cookbook with out friends all over the world and having dinner with them via Zoom.

The recipes are by the Armenian-American chef George Mardikian, who started his San Francisco restaurant, Omar Khayyam, during another crisis : the Great Depression.

It's so interesting to see how dishes we both grew up eating are perceived and translated across cultures. [Hande Oynar, New York]

Stretch and Explore :
Let the sunlight wake you up naturally. My bed faces the window. Ever since this pandemic exploded, I stopped drawing the curtains. I sit on my bed, look at the vast city of Manila outside my window and pray for my people.

Find solace in morning meditation. Let your mind travel through the small things you can still be grateful for. A litany of gratitude and a remembrance of good things that have passed can help the soul. [Beverly Dalton, Manila].

Take a walk before your first coffee or tea. Walking especially early in the morning, provides a fresh view of the day. It's hard to be pessimistic when the day is just beginning. [Neill Kramer, Bali, Indonesia]

Try doing push-ups every day. If you've never done them before, start with modifications. You can do them on your knees. If you have weak wrists, try using your forearms or knuckles.

Proper form : straight back [don't arch], keep your butt down, keep your head aligned with your spine. Your body should be straight. Your shoulders should be positioned over your hands.

Lower yourself until your chest reaches the ground. see how many you can do, and challenge yourself to do one more each day. [Yasmin Assef, Wilton, Conn]

Changing routines:
Make small discoveries. To stretch my legs, I've been walking around the block every day, and I've started to notice details that I'd never seen before.

Like the fake, painted window on the building across the road, or the old-candle holders that were once used as part of street lighting.

When the quarantine ends, I hope we don't forget to appreciate what's been on the doorstep all along. [Camilla Capasso, Modena, Italy],

With respectful dedication to Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World.

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Good Night and God Bless

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