Headline, April 06 2019/ ''' '' UN RESOLUTION UP '' '''

''' '' UN RESOLUTION UP '' '''

UN RESOLUTION URGES GLOBAL COOPERATION on pandemic : Stresses need for assistance to poor and the most affected countries.

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on Thursday calling for increased global solidarity and international cooperation to ''contain, mitigate and defeat'' the deadly coronvirus infection.

The resolution drafted, by Singapore and co-sponsored by Pakistan and over 180 countries, passed  using a new mechanism called ''silence procedure,'' which does not require a resolution to be voted upon, but rather will pass automatically after a set time if no member state objects.

The new voting rules were instituted after the 193-member assembly decided not to hold meetings because of coronavirus. Normally, assembly resolutions are adopted by majority votes or by consensus.

It is the first UN resolution on the outbreak, coming after the number of coronavirus cases surpassed one million worldwide.

The resolution reaffirms the General Assembly's commitment to international cooperation and multilateralism, and calls upon Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the UN system to ''work with all relevant actors in order to mobilise a response to the pandemic and adverse social, economic and  financial impact on all societies.

The need for assistance to the poor and the most affected countries was emphasised in the resolution, which also underscored the devastating effects of COVID-19 on societies and its serious disruption to economies, global travels as well as trade.

The resolution also highlighted the need for respecting human rights and oppose any form of discrimination, racism and xenophobia in response to the coronavirus.

After appearing in Wuhan, China in December, the novel coronavirus has spread to at least 181 countries and regions.

Data compiled by the US-based John Hopkins University shows worldwide infections surpassing 1 million with more than 53,000 deaths and over 211,000 recoveries.

In adopting the resolution, the General Assembly did not approve a rival resolution sponsored by Russia calling for the UN solidarity in the face of the challenges posed by the new virus and urging an end to trade wars, protectionist practices and unilateral sanctions without the UN Security Council approval.

According to the diplomatic sources, the European Union, United Kingdom, United States and Ukraine objected to the Russian draft, which was co-sponsored by the Central African Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela;

General Assembly President Tijjani Muhammad- Bande sent a letter to member nations late Thursday saying that although an extension for the objections to the Russian draft had been granted until Tuesday at 6pm local time:

 ''Subsequent consultations with several delegations clearly indicated that further time will not   facilitate the resolution of the differences expressed.

''Therefore, he said, the for objections ''has come to an end, effective immediately,'' and the resolution remains defeated.''

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