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''' '' WORK -SCHOOL-

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A FACEBOOK GROUP FOR young students trapped at home called Zoom Memes for Self Quarantine founded less than a few weeks ago, has already grown to more than 150,000 members.

Student Michael Crisp, at Kansas State University, tweeted :
''I'm unfamiliar with Zoom etiquette, do we gotta ask to leave to go the bathroom or what, can I have food? can my cat ride shotgun? do I absolutely need pants? this is my HOME bro?

Any Zoom event with too many callers can also become chaotic. Some people leave their microphones on, chat nonstop in the sidebar, flip their backgrounds around.

THE TRUTH IS THAT NO amount of planning could have ever anticipated Zoom's emergence as a cultural phenomenon.

But why Zoom? Why not Skype, which has been around since 2003? Or Google Hangouts or  Facebook Messenger or Apple's FaceTime? They all had a boost recently.

Marco Polo, a video chat app, saw signs up increase nearly threefold last week over the previous week, the company said.

Zoom is baked into many colleges and schools that use it. The product's layout makes it easy to talk with multiple people at once.

And Zoom has some features that mirror social media apps. A button called Touch Up My Appearance casts a soft focus over the video display, smoothing out the skin tone of the presenter like an Instagram filter. Custom backdrops can hide messy bedrooms.

Zoom has a ''hotter brand'' association, said Rishi Jahuria, a senior research analyst at D.A.Davidson. ''Younger people don't want to use the older technology..''

Joshua Rush, 18, a high school senior in Los Angeles, said : ''Out of nowhere, I feel like Zoom has clout.''

People also pick Zoom because it works. Paul Condra, a technology analyst at PitchBook, said Zoom's reliability and simplicity has made it the ''standard'' in videoconferencing software.

''This is a crisis tailor-made for Zoom,'' Mr. Condra said.

As with all products, users should be careful embracing Zoom without being aware of some of the  privacy issues.

Jules Polonetsky, the chief executive of the Future of Privacy Forum, warned that Zoom's terms of service includes some stipulations that could overreach into invading user privacy.

''The standard Zoom privacy policy allows data to be shared for targeted advertising,'' Mr. Polonetsky wrote in an email interview.

And some of the company's standard terms are not consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, ''in addition to the many of the 130+ state student privacy laws passed since 2014,'' he added.

For workers using the software during business hours, Zoom also includes a feature that can track some aspects of whether a participant is multitasking on a computer and report it back to the host of the call.

''Most users will have no idea,'' Mr. Palonetsky said. ''Zoom should make it very obvious that setting is enabled or some people are going to be extremely embarrassed.''

A Zoom spokeswoman said this feature is designed for employers to ensure workers complete training. It is switched off by default.

There is also concern that as Zoom grows in popularity, the company will run into some of the content moderation issues familiar to companies like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks,  where people have posted suicides, traded in child exploitation material and have used the platforms to live-stream mass shootings.

Last year, a court case in Pennsylvania showed that Zoom was used to distribute child pornography.

''With much broader adoption, abuse and misuse will follow, so Zoom should be getting ready to   handle reports and complaints,'' Mr. Polonetsky said.

But because Zoom is set up as a conference call service, not a publication platform like Facebook, it may face fewer issues than the traditional social networks.

One Saturday night, Claire Tran, 22, hosted her first Zoom party after being holed up in her Washington apartment for nearly a week. Twenty-one of her friends popped in throughout the four hour event.

''Before we started the call I was like, this is cool, maybe we'll do this once a month,'' she said. ''After it ended, I was like, I need this every weekend or I'll go crazy.''

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